17th December 2009

Five Types of Stands to Market Your Brand

If you are having a new business start up and want to be successful in your brand selling.

If you are having a new business start up and want to be successful in

your brand selling. One of the best choices is to exhibit in an exhibition or a

trade show. For the promotion and marketing of your company there are various

types of stands such as bespoke and custom modular exhibition stands, shell

schemes  and various sized pop up and

banner stands. Following are a brief description of the choices you have:

  1. Banner Stands

    – These stands are compact, easy to carry and are perfect for reuse. For a

    point of sale banner stands are ideal choice and are a great promotional

    tool also. These stands are affordable and come in different designs. Banner

    stands are often used outside the restaurants. Banner stands are much

    lighter to carry anywhere you want them. These types of stands are

    portable and easy to set up and dismantle. They are not much costly


  2. Pop Up Stands

    – These types of stands are more suited to presentations, exhibitions or

    conferences. They come in a wide range of style and designs. These are

    light weighted and the construction is very simple, as the name suggests. To

    market your business pop up stands are a good dynamic solution and are

    also inexpensive. Portable pop up stands are just a right choice to make

    to exhibit your product in an exhibition or a trade show.

  3. Exhibition

    Stands – these stands are custom made modular solutions for a company,

    they come in different styles and designs. Price of these stands and

    styles vary greatly. Some of them are expensive and are stylish and impressive;

    many companies spend their budget on these stands. Other companies may choose

    smaller stands but still they are a good design. There are many custom

    built exhibition stands, they have their own benefit as they are tailored

    according to your specifications and needs they fit to your product the


  4. Literature

    Stands – These stands as the name suggests, are used to display literature

    in exhibitions and conferences. They may come in different styles and

    sizes, sometimes in different pocket sizes like, 4, 5 or 8 pocket size. They

    are easy to carry and they display more professionalism. These stands use

    literature holders that are collapsible and reusable as they are strong

    and elastic. As they are collapsible they are easy to pack and dismantle.  

  5. Exhibition

    Kits – One other perfect solution for a conference might be a combination

    of exhibition and display stands as one package, called the exhibition

    kit, you can buy one for a conference. It includes the combination of

    items like a roller banner, a pop up strand, some graphics and a plinth

    stand. These kits provide all items under a single roof.

Plinth stands are perfect for placing things on top of

them like a laptop, free sweets or a business card. Panel and Pole stands might

also be your choice they are robust and strong yet very flexible.