Folding Stage – Multipurpose & Portable

23rd March 2010

When looking for a flexible, modular unit for an event at your school, church, institution, or auditorium it is appropriate to look for a folding stage. These units are secure and can unfold from storage in a matter of seconds. It is common to find them constructed from rugged durable tempered hardboard which can be laminated with a solid plywood core. Usually the edges are made of galvanised steel to insure sturdiness.

You can expect the average distributed load to be approximately 125 pounds per square foot. A folding stage can come with or without wheels. That is because they are constructed for portable use and are made to be set up very easily. Some people might think that disassembling the units may be difficult but it is just as easy as putting them up!

The units can be single or dual height and are known to save any business time and money. The smaller units are designed to be handled by an individual, which allows your business to save on the costs for labour and the time to set up. Being able to break the units down make them easier to store.

Depending on your needs it is possible to have sturdy reversible decks. These decks can offer flexibility so that the best surface can be chosen for any event. There can be carpet surface or a scratch-resistant smooth surface. These surfaces are mostly used for inside events, however aluminium decks can also be purchased to cover your outside folding stage needs.

When setting up the edges of your deck it may be beneficial to utilise Velcro installation for the stage skirting so that no pins or clips are necessary. Also it is common for the units to utilise adjustable glides that can level the stage in case of uneven floors or terrain. These glides provide small adjustments in height.

Some of the larger units are to be handled by a team of individuals. A professional crew of four can set a 40’ x 64’ stage in approximately one to two hours. Breaking this type of unit down is even quicker than that and with that time limit it is a great cost cutting measure. Each unit should come standard with guardrails.

When planning an event it is important to plan for the proper materials that need to be used. The unit that you choose for your event needs to be specific according to your needs. Some of the things that you need to remember when selecting your folding stage are:

- Size
- Weight
- Height
- Portability
- Additions (skirting, rails, etc.)

After verifying exactly what type of unit your event calls for it is easy to understand that there are all kinds of options available that may or may not suit your needs. A folding stage can be the perfect accessory that allows you to have a great event to go on without any hiccups. Picking out the correct options for your unit also helps keep everyone involved safe and sound which is one of the most important things!