31st May 2007


You’ve got back to the office, you’ve got a box full of contact details of people with whom you had meaningful conversations at the show. What do you do now?

The worrying thing is that research constantly reveals that an alarmingly high number of firms do absolutely nothing. Strange as it may seem, there is a large body of people out there who spend money on going to exhibitions in order to generate interest in products and services only to fail to follow up what they did at the show.
This clearly represents the most spectacular waste of money in the whole exhibition process.
Each lead should be carefully scrutinised and qualified so that the sales team has information to work with when they get on the phone and start booking appointments. If you worked methodically at the show you should have gathered plenty of information about each prospect simply by asking a few pertinent questions and making a note of the replies.
There’s no point doing it if you’re not going to do it properly.
Obviously nothing is set in stone, you could carefully think through everything you want to do at the show and then go on to do it very well and the return will still be disappointing through no fault of your own. You would then have cause to be annoyed and upset with the organiser who had clearly not delivered the promises they made.
The fact remains, however, that this seldom happens, at the overwhelming majority of exhibitions the eventual successful outcome is in you hands. It’s a little like studying all year for an exam and then not bothering to sit it or buying a ticket for a concert and not going.
You’ve made an investment, it’s up to you to ensure that it is handsomely returned.
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