Four Things To Consider When Ordering A Brochure Stand

5th June 2010

What qualities should you look for in a brochure stand? After

all, you cannot underestimate the value of this item given its usefulness in

the workplace and its feasibility as a brand material for your business. An

everyday essential such as this should only be of high quality.

1. Design

A stylish design that highlights your business name and

logo, and if you have one, complements your trademark color gives an aesthetic

appeal to your stand. First

impression is important here. The more striking it is, the better. Before you

can lure clients with your brochures, you have to catch their eyes with

something bigger, and you can do so with the casing that contains the

literature. A brochure stand, particularly of a bigger size is more noticeable,

which gives your brand and logo a more apparent look to them. Hence, it gets

attention that can lead to people reaching for your brochures. For a long-term

benefit, it can leave a strong mark and make people remember your brand.

2. Quality

A quality stand has all the elements that constitute a good

buy for an item - something worth the consumers’ money. Therefore, the stand

must be durable, multi-purpose, stable, and versatile. It shouldn’t matter

whether it is made of acrylic, plastic, glass, or aluminum. It must be sturdy

enough to use for as long as you need it.

3. Functionality

A good-looking and quality brochure stand is great, but what

good does it have if you require more than two people to lug it around? It is

not expedient for anyone, especially for busy employees to have to sweat it out

just to transfer a stand from one spot to the next, or to grunt with effort in simply

arranging it. What happens then when you have to bring the stand for an event?

Instead of a useful, helpful item, it then becomes a nuisance.

They should be

lightweight, handy, and convenient to carry. If there’s anything that would make

it heavy, it should only be the materials it contains, that is the brochures,

and NOT the materials it is made of. Moreover, when you have to transport the

stand from one location to another, such as for conferences, conventions,

exhibits, etc. it should be easy to install and easy to dismantle. This is not

only convenient but also timesaving, most especially during those crunch time

moments when every second of preparation counts. Using a brochure stand should

be a practical item for your business and not a futile one.

4. Price

The budget for using brochure stands for your business would

depend on the quantity of your brochures and other materials, and the location

where you plan to place them. Is it only in the waiting area? Should there be

at least two positioned inside the store? Do you need a few stands for an

upcoming event?

When you order in bulks, you get to save more. Most suppliers

offer discounts for big quantities, so you might want to consider placing more

orders. If you feel you have no need for too many in the workplace or in your

establishment, you can always set aside some as souvenir items, giveaways or

even presents to clients. Brochure stands make practical gifts and freebies.

With your business name and logo imprinted on them, your brand will go many

miles, far beyond the confines of your establishment to wherever the clients

choose to bring and use them. Now that’s advertising and promotion at its

simplest yet the best because there are mileage and exposure for your business.

A brochure stand is good for advertisement and marketing,

but it must be quality enough to be used for such purpose. Similarly, it is

extremely handy as an office supply but it must also be good enough to be a valuable

item to use at work. Consider these features when shopping around for your

brochure stands.