Free entry to the London Golf & Tennis show

4th March 2010


of tennis and golf clubs across the country can take advantage of free entry to

the London Golf & Tennis Show.


move is just one part of new support the event – which comprises both the

London Golf Show and the London Tennis

Show – has received from the England Golf Partnership and Lawn Tennis



organisations are keen to make sure as many of their members as possible are

able to visit their sport’s premier consumer event and all they have to do is

register before April 17. 


Moreland, chief operating officer of the England Golf Partnership, said: “The

London Golf Show is established as the country’s major consumer event for

golfers and we wanted to ensure our members can benefit from it. 


every member of a golf club is a member of the English Golf Union or the

English Women’s Golf Association, which are founder members of the England Golf

Partnership, it means our support benefits golfers across the country with free



is a fantastic addition to our support for the show and we’re looking forward

to even more golfers having the chance to attend and see everything that’s

going on in golf.” 


Draper, the chief executive of the Lawn Tennis Association, echoed Moreland’s

sentiments, saying: “The London Tennis

Show is an exciting event for tennis players, enthusiasts and fans in this

country which we are pleased to be supporting. 


event will provide a one stop shop for tennis enthusiasts to see, try and buy a

range of tennis products - we are delighted that the show is free to every

tennis club member in the country.” 


London Golf & Tennis Show takes place at Dockland’s ExCeL Centre from April

30 to May 2.


event comprises the sixth outing of the popular London Golf Show and the

inaugural London Tennis Show. 


of both sports will be able to get their hands on the latest equipment,

gadgets, clothes and more as well as trying their hands at a host of

competitions with great prizes to be won. 


enable visitors to walk freely between the shows.