Get in touch to shape the future

20th September 2006

The summer holidays are long over and we’re well into September which means the exhibition industry is cranking itself up for another busy year.

I wonder how many times I’ve written words like that over the last few years? I’ve always been amazed by the way we look upon the summer months as a time in which not much happens in our industry. Can this be true? Do firms close up for six weeks and take a well-earned break. I know it isn’t true but nearly everyone I’ve spoken to over the last couple of weeks has told me that they’re much busier now after the traditionally quiet couple of months in summer.

Oh well, tradition is a good thing and even though no-one really believes in some of the quainter traditions, they are nevertheless good things to have around.

I’m certainly excited about the next few months which I reckon will be a busy time for we industry journalists. What with the appointment of a little-known new boss at the NEC to several interesting acquisitions and JVs it looks like there’ll be plenty for us to comment on.

TSNN UK will be just the place for you to listen to the comment from your industry colleagues. Indeed, it will be just the place for you to get your message across and to that end I’d be delighted if you were to get in touch with me and get something off your chest! That way we can start a debate and, who knows, maybe even act as a catalyst for change.

Now that would be a great new year’s business.