Getting a Good Deal With Corporate AV Hire

10th December 2009

Every business has a budget that they must adhere to, and

your business probably isn’t any different in that regard. This means that when

you need a corporate AV hire, you need the best deal possible, so that you can

not only save money, but also so that you can stay within your operating

budget. Fortunately, there are many ways that your business can save money when

you rent audiovisual equipment. 

  1. Find

    out about any discounts that you are eligible for. Many rental services

    have discounts available for corporations, simply because they want your

    repeat business. However, they typically won’t let you know about those

    discounts unless you ask – especially if you appear to be willing to pay

    the full price. Also note that if you are participating in an event, you

    may be eligible for discounts as a participant as well. 

  1. Ask

    about renting older equipment for your corporate AV hire. Often older

    equipment rentals are lower priced than rentals for newer equipment. However,

    again, if you do not ask about this, you won’t be told, and you will be

    charged the same price for older equipment that you would be charged for

    newer equipment. Make sure that you ask. 

  1. Ask

    about different rates for different rental time frames. You may actually

    get a better rate for a longer rental period, but typically shorter rental

    terms cost less. Obviously, you don’t want to short yourself either, so be

    sure to ask about discounts for early returns to make sure that you have

    the opportunity to save more money at the very least. You can also get

    better rates when you rent equipment during what is typically a slow time

    for the rental companies – when there are not large events going on in the


  1. Try

    to negotiate a lower price for your corporate AV hire. Never let a

    salesperson know that you are willing to pay the full price. Often, if

    they sense hesitation, they will start pulling out the discounts –

    especially since you are a corporation, and they want your continued

    business. Be prepared to haggle, and if possible, get rates from several

    different companies so that you are prepared to verbally compare prices

    with the sales representative. 

  1. Shop

    at Mom and Pop stores instead of large chain stores. Small, independently

    owned rental companies are more likely to be willing to negotiate the

    price with you. Large chain stores, however, have set prices, and the

    salespeople generally do not have the authority to change the prices at

    all. Usually, the store managers don’t even have that option. You will

    always get more personalized service at an independently owned rental

    company – and you will usually get a better negotiated price as well. 

Even if these methods save you only a few Pounds on your

corporate AV hire, a savings is still a saving. There may be additional

circumstances that can get you a better rate for the rental, and as a

responsible business owner with a budget, you need to constantly be on the

lookout for such potential savings on audio visual hire, so that you can take advantage of them.