How Bespoke Exhibition Stands suit your requirements

4th January 2010

Bespoke exhibition stands are built to suit your requirements exactly. Now the natural questions would be whether this is necessary, and how you and your company could benefit from this. Let us weigh all the factors and draw a few logical conclusions.

Firstly, at any exhibition you must balance the amount you spend on publicity against the undoubted advantages and brand exposure that an exhibition or trade show provides. Keep your budget within reason, by all means, yet make sure that you do not limit your spending too much - that could, and will, prove costly in the long run. 

Do not underestimate the immense value of the opportunities that a trade show provides - opportunities to build your brand image and recognition among actual and potential customers, opportunities to 'war-down' the competition in a miniature arena, opportunities to display, not merely the goods and services of your company, but also your ability to innovate and to be original. One crucial innovations that can seize the focus at an exhibition are bespoke exhibition stands.

Of course, seizing opportunities demands an adequate budget, and it would be a serious error of judgement to be too stingy here. Any investment in a trade show or exhibition is one that will reap long term returns.

Now to details - how best do we take advantage of the undoubted opportunity. Of course you will have your staff give out the usual promotional materials and gift items and obviously you will have a large and eye-catching banner above your stand. The question is whether these tried and true techniques will be enough, given the fact that your competitors will all be doing the same thing too.

This is where we exercise our ingenuity and originality, and have a design team create incredibly innovative bespoke exhibition stands.

Perhaps your organisations design team is not geared to this task. But you do not need them to be – there are lots of companies on the net that deal solely in the construction and design of exhibition stands, and their design teams are extremely competent, skilled and original.

The best thing to do is to examine the portfolios and previous work of any company that you are considering hiring. It is better to take on a company whose style of work suits you to begin with, rather than be careless at that early stage of the creative process, and end up trying to work with people whose creative style does not suit you at all.

Once you choose a company to create your bespoke exhibition stands, it is time to do a lot of talking. You need to meet with the management of the company, with their creative heads, with the actual designers. If you are paying for a design, make sure you get exactly what you need. But to do that, you first need to tell the company's design team exactly what you need, so do that. 

When they understand your needs, the team will come up with an initial draft – perhaps some drawings. Examine them, and select one that seems to work for you – or reject them all if they don't quite fit your ideas. Remember, it's better to reject a bad design early in the creative process. 

Once you okay a design, the creative team should build a 3D digital model of the bespoke exhibition stands so that you get a better idea of what they will look like in real life, and so that you can suggest crucial modifications. If the organisation you select does not offer to do this, request it. As I have already stated, it is better to iron things out sooner rather than later – in this case, you should examine a 3D model before the actual construction (with its unavoidable costs) begins. 

Once you okay the model, the company's construction teams will go all out to create your design, and you will be set to seize the focus at the next trade show or exhibition.