11th November 2009

How Dependable is a Wireless Credit Card Machine?

There are many instances where you might need to depend on a wireless credit card machine.

There are many instances where you might need to depend on a

wireless credit card machine. These devices are becoming more popular

by the minute, and they are used for businesses that deliver products

and services to homes, for in home demonstrations, at outdoor events,

seminars, trade shows, fairs and flea markets, and even by taxi

services. The venues where the ability to accept payment cards requires

the use of a wireless device are unlimited.

Can you depend on

these devices? When you think of a wireless device, you probably think

of devices such as your cell phone or laptop computer. This is pretty

much the same thing. Just as you can instantly send a text message from

your telephone, credit card transactions made with these devices are

equally fast. As for how dependable they are, the equipment itself is

usually quite sturdy, despite being very small, and you can get service

for real time transactions pretty much anywhere that you can get

service with your cell phone.

For those instances where service

is not available for your wireless credit card machine to make the

necessary connection for real time processing, most devices have a

store and forward feature, which is essentially software that is

installed on the system, allowing you to accept credit cards regardless

of whether the data can be immediately sent to the processing companies

system. In this instance, you run the credit card just as you normally

would and print out a receipt for the customer. The system

automatically stores the information, and when a signal is obtained

again, it sends the information for processing.

You've probably

been warned to never give out sensitive information over your cell

phone - either with a voice call or a text message - because that

information could be intercepted. With cell phones, this is absolutely

true. However, when it comes to a credit card device, this isn't the

case at all.

Naturally, because of the sensitivity of your

customers financial data, the Wireless Credit Card Machine has software

installed that encrypts that data, using the most secure encryption

processes possible, before sending the data over airwaves. Therefore,

your customer's information is completely safe - even though

transmitting the same information over a cell phone that doesn't have

the right software is not.

However, if you will be using your

cell phone or PDA to accept and process payment card payments, note

that it is vital that you make sure that you always have the latest

version of the software that is required for this to happen. This

software is downloaded and installed using your cell phones web

browser, and again, you must make sure that it is always updated so

that your customer's information is secure.

If you apply this

information to the wireless credit card machine that you select, you

can definitely depend on the device for secure and fast credit card

processing - regardless of where you are or the signal that the device

is receiving for transmission. Many businesses these days are going

with wireless solutions whenever possible, and you should as well.