How display plinths are useful and effective for promotional and merchandising purposes

4th January 2010

Display plinths have proved to be useful and effective for promotional and merchandising purposes during all sorts of trade shows, movable presentations, seasonal fairs, exhibitions, advertising campaigns and so on. Let us have a closer look at these units and try to figure out the components of their usefulness and effectiveness. 

● Firstly, a product placed on a plinth is more likely to be noticed and paid attention to. Your goods will look sophisticated and attractive on the smooth, shining surface, like a freshly manufactured item.

● A nice set of plinths will make a difference in comparison with the heavy and clumsy furniture constructions of your competitors. You will definitely gain some extra points from the visitors, as your company will give an impression of a progressive organisation of real professionals.

● Display plinths are usually light, which means they are easily portable, and it will not take you too much effort to relocate your exhibition units if needed.

● They are easy to set up with no special instruments required. Assembling takes a few minutes, you can do it yourself of with the help of your employees, but there is no need to hire any additional labour. In the long run this characteristic of a plinth turns out to be extremely cost effective. Not to mention that it saves you time as well.

● The height of the units is variable, so you can choose an appropriate one according to your needs, exhibition format and specifications of your products. It is possible to opt for a few display plinths of the same size and arrange them nicely, or to get a set of different ones to make a multi-level product display. In any case it is possible to create a positive aesthetic impression.

● The plinths can be acrylic, polyvinyl or made of compressed wood. These materials are the most popular and commonly used, but some other ones are available as well. Besides being reliable and strong, they also contribute into the attractive look of the items.

● Another important aspect – their shape. Plinths are available in variety of different shapes, but the most wide spread are rectangular and cylindrical ones. You can also go for so called modular display plinths, they offer a possibility to rearrange the unit and to use a modification the most suitable to the way a trade show is arranged. Another positive result of this option – it will give you a chance to refresh your presentation without ruining the basic brand image. 

● You can choose either graphic panels or fabric wraps, both look great and serve their purpose. Additional accessories are available, you can add sophistication to the way your plinths look with the help of lights.

● They are easy to transport and comfortable to store thanks to the flat pack option, which makes these units especially precious for movable presentations.

● Obviously enough, display plinths are wonderful promotional tools. Logo designs, texts of promotional messages, contact information, slogans and mottoes will be definitely noticed and remembered if placed on the panels of the plinths.

All these features add to the positive image of your company and contribute to the success of your promotional merchandising and marketing strategy.