19th February 2010

How new innovations in the Portable Exhibition Stand can aid the modern entrepreneur

Let us examine how new innovations in the portable exhibition stand can aid the modern entrepreneur.

Let us examine how new innovations in the portable exhibition stand can aid the modern entrepreneur. Competition these days can be extremely fierce, as every business owner knows, as each business tries to capture an ever larger market share. And this competition may be good for the customer, keeping prices down and encouraging innovation, but it inevitably causes businesses that don't try hard enough to keep their customers to lose those customers and to forfeit their share of the market – leading, obviously, to financial ruin and business failure.

Obviously, you want to do everything you can to avoid this path, attempting not only the media based forms of advertising but also handing out promotional goods and literature, and of course, trying to dominate exhibitions and trade events.

One of the ways to make this strategy as fulfilling as possible is to use a portable exhibition stand at the next exhibition or trade show. There are certain advantages that portable stands offer that cannot be offered by any other exhibition stand or stall.

It all depends on the kind of company you run and the sort of events you have to cover – if your company is highly technical, for example, and you only have to cover one or two shows per year, you might opt for the more expensive and more impressive designer stands. These stands are technically very sophisticated, incorporating not only an impressive architecture and designer graphics, but usually state-of-the-art design, as well.

However, if your company fits this profile, perhaps a designer stand would suit it better than a portable exhibition stand. It goes without saying that designer stands can be exorbitantly expensive to have designed or made. However, if the survival or failure of your company depends on just one or two trade shows that can make or break your reputation, this is the kind of stand for you.

But what if you need to cover a great deal of events right across the country? Well then, you cannot afford to transport a heavy designer stand to each of these events. Moreover, that stand may be damaged in transit, causing you considerable losses and perhaps ruining the intended event. No, what you need here is a portable exhibition stand that is made to be transported.

A portable stand is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, which means you also save on manpower, which is an important consideration – remember, skilled workmen charge by the hour, which means you'll save money by getting your own people to put up the stand. Secondly, when dismantled, the stand is extremely portable, and can be transported anywhere in the country at a minimum of costs, allowing you to cover half a dozen events more easily than you could cover two or three with the conventional stand.

Thirdly, in this age of computer generated graphics, a portable exhibition stand can be very attractive, with digitally created panels that will catch the eye of a customer quite as much as a much more expensive designer stand. As a matter of fact, you can have a skilled graphics and design team create these panels, ensuring that your graphics and display are truly state of the art.

Consider the advantages a portable stand has to offer over a conventional one, in terms of versatility – especially if your company has to cover events across the country to retain its customers and business contacts.