05th May 2010

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Banner Stand For Your Events Outside

Purchasing an outdoor banner stand is necessary if you are planning on participating in events of exhibits outside.

Purchasing an outdoor banner stand is necessary if you are planning on

participating in events of exhibits outside. Unlike indoor events, where

high quality stands often use cassette or tensioning systems, outdoor

stands have to endure a lot more wear and tear throughout the course of

the event. Because of this, cassette and tension systems are not

typically used as these components can be damaged by wind or rain. It is

important that you purchase a stand that fits your needs and will not

cost you a great deal of money maintaining. While outdoor systems with

tensioning mechanisms may be convenient, it is important that you

balance cost with the amount of time saved setting up your display.

Once you have determined what type of outdoor banner stand that you

need, it will be necessary to select banners for your stand. When you

purchase a stand, you will want to have one or more banners that fit

with the stand. While many stands are compatible with banners of

different sizes, banners designed for your stand in mind will typically

look more professional and will last longer. This is due to the fact

that the materials of the banner will not be stressed from not properly

fitting the stand. In addition to this, a banner that looks like it was

designed for the stand will look more pleasing. A banner that does not

look like it was intended for the stand may appear stretched or have

unsightly folds.

You should be aware that there is a certain amount of time involved in

delivering an outdoor banner stand and its matching banners. While the

stands themselves only take a few business days to prepare, the banners

need to have their design approved and all costs of customizations

determined and approved. In addition to this, it takes a certain amount

of time for the banners to be manufactured. The manufacturing time on

these banners can vary for several reasons. First, the complexity of the

banner can greatly alter how long it takes for the banner to be

completed. The more complex the design, the longer it will take for the

design to be approved and executed. In addition to this, outdoor banners

need to be coated with special compounds to ensure that they are not

damaged by the weather. This compound typically adds at least two days

to the manufacturing process. If you have a design template already

made, you can streamline the process. However, if you do not have a

design already prepared to the specifications of the manufacturer, you

may need to add a few extra days for this issue to be dealt with.

If you take your time with the selection of your outdoor banner stand,

you will be able to execute your advertising and branding strategies.

Once you have your stand, it is important that you properly care for

both the stand and the banners that go with them. Periodically, check

the stand and banners for any signs of damage. It is suggested that you

check both banners and stands several weeks before any major event so

that you can order replacement stands or banners if required.