15th March 2010

How to create a proper impact at a trade show: Bannerstand

These days one of the most popular way to popularise your business is visiting all sorts of useful events – like a trade shows, for example.

These days one of the most popular way to popularise your business is visiting all sorts of useful events – like a trade shows, for example. To create a proper impact I would recommend you to represent your company with a nice bannerstand.

Of course, there are lots of aspects to think about when you are going to visit a trade show. Still, the first impression is crucially important: sometimes it is the only factor a visitor takes into account in order to decide whether to deal with you or not. That is why you should do your best to create a nice visual effect. A beautifully designed and carefully tailored banner will make a difference between getting a sale and losing it to one of the countless competitors around.

It comes without saying that your banner should be eye catching – but that is not enough. Its graphics should be intriguing and provoking, so a person would inevitably feel an urge to find out more.  Your bannerstand can display the images of your products or contain your slogan – in any case it should be done artistically and with sufficient professionalism.

Make sure your banner stand has a right size. It depends, of course, on the sort of event you are going to take part in, and on spacing. It is not a secret that they tend to give too little space most shows and exhibitions. That is why your banned should take the very minimum space. If it is comfortable for your presentation, you can even place it on the table or counter. It is possible to regulate the height of the bannerstand, so you can chose the most appropriate configuration.

Now lets pay attention to a few practical details. It is highly unlikely that you will have to exhaust your budget when purchasing a banner. There are lots of different models available on the market, and everyone can find something according to the state of their pocket.

However, it is better to pay for the quality, and your investments will be certainly repaid after a single successful presentation at a trade show. And most probably you would like to reuse your banner. For that there are special models which allow you to change the graphics and promotional messages. So, if you are buying a reusable bannerstand, make sure it is made of strong and durable materials and has a proper warranty offer.

But if you intend to use the banner only once or twice, you can choose one with lower level print resolution and material's quality. And in case you want impress your potential clients, you should opt for a banner with special effects – a system of lights, perhaps even a screen with animations.

Make sure to get a proper case to store your banner – it is important if you want to use it more than once. A special case would protect your exhibition stand from dust and sunlight, and moreover – if you get your logo imprinted on it, you will be able to advertise your company even when the banner is packed.

Do not be afraid to look original, experiment with graphics, height of your bannerstand and places where you can expose it – and improve the whole concept of your advertising strategy.