How to make business interaction comfortable? With wireless credit card machine

18th January 2010

A small, light and portable wireless credit card machine is one of those wonderful inventions which make business interaction of today so comfortable for both buyers and sellers. Needless to say, if your business is not static and requires mobility, such item is one of the most essential things for your company to have.

There are lots of advantages a wireless item can offer for a mobile kind of business, the most important of which is the ability to accept credit cards in any place in any time. Just consider the possibilities in case your company provides delivery services: how many times your employees complained about the issues with handling cash?

With a wireless credit card machine there is no need to wait until the customer calculate the amount, or (even worse) borrow from neighbours. Also, no need to waste time for calculating the change. With a credit card the transaction is fast and accurate, and a wireless device brings the opportunity to operate so directly to the door of your customer. Without a doubt, a professional approach will be appreciated by the clients, and this will increase, if not guarantee, the possibilities of further cooperation.

Or perhaps you are a regular attendant of various trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, seminars and presentations  -- under such circumstances not having a wireless credit card machine is equal to loosing deliberately a lot of business. If visiting such you do not accept credit cards at all, you narrow your target group only to those who pay in cash or by checks. If a person with a credit card is not completely sure whether to buy your product, not accepting their method of payment means helping to make a final decision which is not in your favour.

If you have an old traditional credit card terminal with wires, you might experience a number of inconveniences: dependence on electricity and necessity to rent a phone line, which involves a certain financial loss as well. Besides, your mobility is restricted by the length of the wires, while with a wireless credit card machine you can easily relocate your company's presentation to the most favourable place. Light weight and compact size of the device will guarantee an absolute mobility. You can carry it in your hand or easily put into your pocket.

Also, with a wireless item you can arrange sales in places of large number of people, like outside the sport stadiums, during the music festivals, at the markets, in a parking lot and so on. Even in the most distant places your credit card machine will be still operational. If there is no signal, a special feature called “store and forward technology” will enable the device to accept a credit card, print out the receipt and complete the operation after the connection gets available.

It is obvious that a wireless credit card machine provides a lot of freedom and saves a lot of time and prevents you from getting into unnecessary expenses.  Even if your budget is limited, purchasing such machine will not empty your pockets, on the contrary, the investment will be surely paid back pretty soon.