03rd December 2009

How to Put Together a Portable Table System

When you start shopping for a portable table system, there are many things that you must consider.

When you start shopping for a portable table system, there

are many things that you must consider. First, realize that a system involves

more than one table, in most cases, and for exhibitions, trade shows, and

seminars, more than one table is often needed. However, you can end up with a

system that you really don’t need if you aren’t careful. Here are the things

that you need to consider.

  • How

    many tables do you need? A system can be comprised of numerous tables, but

    because the cost goes up with each additional piece, you really need to

    give careful thought and consideration to exactly how many tables your

    system should include. However, you don’t want to be caught with a system

    that doesn’t provide an adequate number of tables either. Put a great deal

    of thought into this.

  • What

    size should the tables be? A good portable table system will include

    tables of various sizes. However, if one table is too big or too small to

    ever be of any use to you, this is a waste of money. Typically, you can

    pick and choose the tables that you want in your system. Make sure that

    you get the appropriate sizes, and be sure that you also get a variety of

    sizes so that no matter what the event calls for, you are prepared.

  • Will

    there be room for your entire system? Some venues will only allow for one

    or two tables, and not for your entire system. Of course, because these

    tables are easily stored, you can always opt to leave some of the tables

    in storage. Storage is another issue if you are purchasing the tables or

    leasing them for a long period of time. Although these tables typically

    fold up, they will still require some measure of storage space.

  • What

    is the cost of the system? A portable table system can be very expensive,

    or very reasonably priced, depending on the tables that make up the

    system, and the quality of the tables. Make sure that you keep your budget

    in mind when putting a system together. Some businesses that choose not to

    lease will purchase a piece at a time, as the budget allows.

  • Should

    you purchase or lease a system? If you need a complex system, comprised of

    many different pieces, the cost may be beyond what your budget can afford

    if you are purchasing. However, there is the option of leasing the system.

    Often, you can opt to lease for long term or short term periods of time.

    If you will be attending events often, purchasing is almost always better

    if the budget allows for it.


closing, when you are selecting tables for your portable table system, make

sure that you don’t get talked into a system that far exceeds what you need, or

you could end up exceeding your budget as well. Also remember to consider a

lease, instead of a purchase, based on how often you will need this type of exhibition furniture.