How To Select The Right Rollup Banner Stand To Have A Successful Presentation

6th May 2010

A rollup banner stand is an excellent alternative for companies or

organizations who want the freedom to have banners without having to

install permanent framework to have them. These portable stands are

designed for virtually any environment and can withstand a great deal of

damage. However, it is important that you take the time to select the

right stand and banner for your needs. Having a good quality stand is

only the first step in having a successful presentation. Matching your

stands with high quality banners is necessary if you want to ensure that

your presentation is as effective as you would like. There are a few

things that you will want to keep in mind when you are matching your

stands and your banners.

First, a rollup banner stand is designed for flexible banners. Banners

that have stiff borders or frames will not function with this style of

stand. These stands are designed for travelling and presentations. In

order to achieve this goal, the banners need to be able to roll up

without damaging the frame of the banner. If you have banners already,

ensure that they are crafted of flexible materials. This will ensure

that your banners look as good as you want them to. In addition to this,

you need to make certain that the banners are crafted of water

resistant materials. Even if you attend indoor events, humidity can

cause damage to your banners. This can be avoided by investing in higher

quality banners. It is also important that you take the time to

properly dry your stands and your banners before you store them. This

will prevent moisture from being in the carry cases and damaging both

the stand and the banner. Before and after every use, you should check

your banners and stands for any signs of damage. If you notice any mould

or mildew build-up on your stands and banners, clean them thoroughly.

This is a sign that you stored them while they were wet.

When you order your rollup banner stand, you will want to make certain

that you have suitable banners for the stands. Banners are only suitable

if they match your stand in size. All dimensions must match in order

for your banner to have the proper tension on the stand. If the banner

is too large, it will billow and not look professional. If it is too

small, the banner will stretch and potentially tear. In some cases, the

banner will not fit at all. It is often suggested that when you purchase

a new type of stand, you also purchase a new set of banners to

accompany the stand. This will ensure that you have the right banners

when you are setting up for your exhibit.

Your new rollup banner stand can be an extremely flexible part of your

business. You can purchase a pair of banners for use with one stand,

allowing your stand to display on both sides. Alternatively, you can

line your stands up in a row to form walls. You are often limited only

by your imagination when you are making use of stands at exhibits and

presentations. Take your time and consider all aspects so you purchase

all of the stands and materials you need from the start.