15th January 2010

How to simplify the process of money transactions? Credit card machines

Credit card machines have significantly simplified the process of money transactions.

Credit card machines have significantly simplified the process of money transactions. Since the time they were invented, these devices have been providing lots of advantages and additional opportunities for business owners throughout the world. Pin services and especially swiping options made the payments process more secure and convenient for the buyers and faster for the service providers, which gives a chance to save precious working time. Why should you handle large amounts of cash in the most inconvenient situations? Why should your employees bother about giving change back? With a credit card processing equipment there is no need to get distracted for things like that, a payment transaction is quick, safe, and professionally performed. In other words, any progressive businessman would consider the options given by having credit card machines. 

Besides, these devices make it possible to arrange sales and accept them in different places, without being restricted by the walls of your office, retail store, restaurant or shop. Sometimes, when you take part in a trade show, exhibition or fair, a client may turn back if you do not accept credit cards, and there is not guarantee that he or she will come back to your office to be able to pay. Obviously, this course of action is not profitable at all, but with a modern portable device for credit card processing you can expand the horizons of your business by getting an opportunity to accept cards wherever and whenever it is required.

Credit cards machines are different, a good number of various models, styles and sizes is represented on the market. So let us have a closer look at different types of them and the options they offer. The most widespread classification includes three types of the machines according to the way they operate: traditional ones, wireless and software based, or virtual. Traditional devices have to be plugged in and require a phone line in order to perform transactions. Wireless work on the GPRS coverage and send the credit card information over the airwaves. And virtual ones are used when you run your business online and you do not have any personal contact with clients. In this case actual credit card machines are in use, but virtual ones are very convenient – you just have to get a special software installed on your laptop.

Credit card processing equipment can be also printer attached or without attached printer. A receipt printing option is important as the clients often require the conformation of their purchases. No matter whether it is a stationary terminal or a portable one, whether it is used in the office, at the trade show or in the taxicab, it is highly advisable to have an attached printer. Though of course such devices are costlier.

They also distinguish devices with one merchant account and those ones which are capable of keeping different accounts. This question should not be neglected while choosing from various credit card machines, as with some of them you will not be able to change your merchant account if needed. Indeed, these devices can be different, but the main purpose of all of them is to simplify the payment processes, and they definitely serve their purpose.