How To Use A Good Roller Banner Stand To Increase Brand Awareness

5th May 2010

A roller banner stand is an excellent choice for any business seeking to

expand their reach through attending conventions, events, exhibitions

or through use of presentations. No matter what size your business may

be, it is important that you present yourself in as professional a

manner as possible. This will ensure a positive response by potential

clients and customers. However, there is a lot more to having a good

presentation than good looking banners. While your banners can often

mask the appearance of a poor quality stand, only a matched set of good

quality banner and stand will ensure that you maintain the professional

appearance required to entice new customers.

When you pick your roller banner stand, there are a few things that you

should keep in mind. First, you should identify just how often you will

need to travel with your stand. The more frequently you travel, the

higher your need for a high quality stand will be. High quality stands

are more likely to survive the abuse and wear associated with

travelling, setting up your exhibit, and the crowds that typically visit

during an event. Higher quality stands are also more resilient and

better balanced, an important feature, especially if you are using

banner walls as a part of your exhibit. However, no matter what quality

of banner you use, it is important that you take proper care of your

stands and banners. When your stands and banners are stored, they should

be kept in a cool, dry place. They should be allowed to fully dry if

they got wet prior to storing. This will prevent mold from accumulating

in the carry bags. Mold and moisture can ruin a banner, which can cost

you several hundred dollars. No matter how long your banner and stand

are used for, they should be dusted and maintained after use so that

they are ready the next time that you need them.

When you purchase your roller banner stand, you will want to match your

stand with the appropriate banner. Every stand is designed to fit a

certain sized banner. While the banners you already own may be

compatible, you should be careful in your selection of banners. Many

banner stands of this style are designed to fit many types of banners.

With the careful application of Velcro as directed, you can have your

already made banners fit perfectly into your new stands. If this is your

goal, take care to ensure that your modifications of your banners are

done perfectly. This will ensure that your banners look good, even if

you use banners that were not designed for use with the stand you


If you do not have compatible banners for your roller banner stand, take

your time selecting and designing your new banners. All factors of the

design should be taken into account, ranging from the colours to the

images on the banner. All of these things can greatly alter the mood of

your customers and can significantly alter the effectiveness of your

presentation. If you are uncertain on your design, you can request

assistance when you order your banner stands.