17th December 2009

How to Use Magnetic Display Boards for Your Business

Do you have a specific use for magnetic display boards in your business?

Do you have a specific use for magnetic display boards in your business? If not, you might find that you actually do have a use – or several uses – for this type of board simply based on what is available. One of the most popular types of boards available is lined boards, typically because of how they can be used to organise information within an organisation. 

These types of boards can be used for employee schedules, vehicle information, assignments, sales numbers, equipment information, and anything else that you can imagine. You can think of it in terms of being a large spreadsheet that hangs on the wall, viewable by everyone within the organization. This type of board is also perfect for use as a calendar. 

Another type of magnetic display boards is the grid design. With the use of special whiteboard tape, this can also be used as a spreadsheet that hangs on the wall, but it can also be used as you might use graph paper – for graphing purposes. Again, this is actually a whiteboard, which means that you can write on it and erase as the need arises. You can also use a wide range of colours and magnets to really employ more organisations when making information available to the people in your organisation. 

Of course, the style of the board that you select will depend on its intended use. Some uses have been mentioned, but other uses include production schedules, productivity, plotting, charting, vacation planning, maintenance, planners, and delivery scheduling. You can order a customised board as well, and with the use of special tape and other accessories, you can start with either a lined or grid board – or a plain board – and design it to meet your requirements, complete with a labelling system that is very easy to read. 

Industry specific magnetic display boards are also available. You can have boards set up specifically for your business industry, or use one from a standard industry – industries such as hospital or medical, manufacturing, restaurant, contractors, education, automotive, and service businesses in general. 

If space is limited – including wall space – you can also acquire whiteboards on sliding tracks, so that you can actually have two, or even three white boards stacked, and slide them in and out as needed. This is a very neat and orderly option that many businesses take advantage of. You can also opt for two sided boards on casters, for more portability and space, or use specialty boards that have unique casings and such.

When you work with a company that designs custom magnetic display boards, there really are no limits as to what is possible. You can pretty much have any design that you want or need, as long as you can effectively tell a salesperson what is required and possibly how the board will be used in your organisation. Make good use of whiteboard tape and adhesive lettering sets, and anything is possible. Many companies will also include accessory kits with the sale of whiteboards, which would include the tape and adhesive letters, as well as a selection of dry erase markers, erasers, trays or caddies, and the hardware required to hang your board.