18th January 2010

How to widen the range of opportunities for business owners? Portable credit card machine

A portable credit card machine widens the range of opportunities for business owners to accept credit cards of their customers.

A portable credit card machine widens the range of opportunities for business owners to accept credit cards of their customers. In the time when the whole world tries to gain more freedom by cutting the wires and going mobile, even the static businesses will benefit from owning a portable card processing device. Not to mention the ones which provide the services and sell the goods remotely: for this kind of organisations a wireless terminal is an irreplaceable item. Within a blink of an eye you will be able to process transaction from a booth at the market or near the stadium, in a taxicab or at the client's door after having made a delivery.

A portable credit card machine is a perfect for those who owns a home-based business, for salesmen on the go and for companies who provide most of the services at the client's place. The transactions are fast, secure and safe, a magnetic stripe reader make sit possible to conduct the operation right away and to confirm it by printing out a receipt. Not only this is convenient for your customers, it also gives a lot of advantages to you. Not so long ago a portable device of this sort could provide only the service of imprinting, while an actual operation had to be performed afterwards.

These days, thanks to a portable credit card machine, it is possible to identify and reject expired credit cards at once. It gives you a chance to ask for alternative method of payment and still make a sale. Swiping option gives an additional advantage: the customers do not have to give away their cards, the transaction gets easily performed with minimal participation of yours. It uplifts the level of trust and respect to your company, contributing into its positive image. Really, a customer also does not have to be nervous that his credit card number is written down somewhere in your papers: the security is not guaranteed in this case. Besides, a special system of encryption in a modern portable credit card machine makes the device protected against numerous frauds in this field.

Perhaps you consider it expensive to purchase such equipment, especially if you only start setting up your business or your company has been having a difficult time. Here two things should be taken into consideration: firstly, the variety of models available on the market, ranging from simple ones and easy to use to sophisticated devices with lots of application. The price of them varies too, so it is possible to make a purchase according to the state of your pocket and without breaking a bank.

Secondly, it will provide a great economy in the future, therefore buying a portable credit card machine can be considered a beneficial investment. From not on, you will not have to rent a phone line on trade shows, fairs and exhibition for being able to process credit cards, and even if you conduct transaction only from your office, a second phone line is no longer required.

All these factors make a portable machine one of those inventions which simplify our tasks and make the process of running a business even more versatile.