14th December 2009

How Will You Use a Cork Notice Board At Your Place of Business?

We often take simple a simple cork notice board for granted, and never utilize it to its full potential.

We often

take simple a simple cork notice board for granted, and never utilize it to its

full potential. These boards are very inexpensive, and available in a wide

variety of sizes and shapes. You can even order custom sized and shape boards

as the need arises, and as mentioned, there really are a large number of uses

for these boards within your organization or place of business. Here are some

reasonable examples of how you can make use of these inexpensive boards.

  • Display important notices and

    required documents. Most businesses have licenses or notices that they are

    required by law to display. A board such as this is ideal, and you can

    even get boards that have glass casings that lock to protect these notices

    and documents as well. Take a look at the documents that you need to

    display to determine how big the board needs to be.

  • Use your cork notice board for

    employee or corporate pictures. You want to keep your employees happy and

    motivated. Employees always perform better when they feel that their

    bosses realize that they also have personal lives – personal lives that

    are far more important to them than their work lives in fact. Allow your

    employees to post pictures of themselves, each other, their grandchildren,

    or corporate functions with these boards. It’s a cheap and organized

    feature that doesn’t cause any safety or space concerns.

  • Improve acoustics in your work

    spaces. Cork

    is a natural insulator. It helps to reduce noise and improve acoustics,

    which means that it serves a dual purpose in your place of business. Use

    cork extensively throughout your office for both of these purposes. Also,

    consider how inexpensive it is.

  • Give employees a way to

    exchange information with a cork notice board. Employees often want to

    place notices for other employees to see. They may have something for

    sale. They may be giving away puppies. There may be events that they want

    to notify other employees about. A break room is a perfect place for such

    a notice board, and you should make one available to your employees. Just

    be sure to post rules concerning what is and is not allowed on the board,

    so that things don’t get out of hand, and ask employees to remove outdated

    information that they have posted as well.

  • Post Schedules and job openings

    that are important to your company. Employees are always looking for

    advancement within the company, and this type of board is an excellent way

    to keep them informed about job openings. You can also post information

    about important company information, such as policy changes, shift

    changes, or any other information that is important and pertinent to your

    business. Place this particular board where employees are sure to see it


There are probably other countless uses that you can

find within your business for a cork notice board. Give it some thought, and

think about the various ways that these boards can not only spruce up work

stations and such, but also how they can make you and your employees more productive

and organized as well.