Increase Flexibility And The Quality Of Your Exhibition With An Exhibition Stand Manufacturer

28th April 2010

An exhibition stand manufacturer may be the best place for you to go if

you need a high quality exhibit for a large scale trade show or

convention. There are many benefits to going directly to the

manufacturer. First, you can make certain you have the widest range of

options offered by the company of your choice. This can be highly

beneficial, especially if you are interested in a modular system.

Modular systems are purchased in sets which are combined to make full

exhibits. You can make your display as large or small as you want based

off of the type of modular sets that you own. By going to the

manufacturer, you will be able to get the sets that you need for your

exhibit. In addition to this, many manufacturers of modular sets will

offer customization options for the sets you are interested in. This

will ensure that you have the greatest amount of flexibility possible.

When you approach an exhibition stand manufacturer, you will want to

have a general idea of what you want for your exhibit. If you come

prepared with a general concept, the manufacturer will be able to assist

you in selecting the best stands or modules to meet your needs. Many

manufacturers will offer full services for companies that want to make

use of their equipment. This includes helping to design the exhibit,

laying out the creative, and building the modules or stands to fit the

criteria that you need. If you are not certain what concept you want to

go with, there are several options that you can take. First, you can

look at exhibits done by other companies. This can give you a good idea

of what can be done. In addition to this, if you look at example

galleries done by the manufacturer, you will get a good idea of if their

work is right for your business. Every manufacturer has a different

style and design for their stands and modules. Because of this, it is

possible to match your business to the manufacturer that fits you the


Once you approach an exhibition stand manufacturer, you will need to go

through a process to have your stands completed. Once you have the

design concept, you will get a quote on how much it will cost to

complete your exhibit. Once you have finalized the quote and approved

in, construction will begin. You will end up doing a lot of creative

design and approval both during the quote phase and the manufacturing

phase. If the manufacturer is also producing your banners and panels,

you will need to allow time for these to be constructed. The amount of

time it takes for your exhibit to be produced is strongly dependent on

how complex your final design is. In addition to this, if your exhibit

has to be suitable for the outdoors, all pieces of your set as well as

the creative will need to be coated to protect it from the elements.

This can add several days as the coating will need to dry once applied

to the pieces.