Information Required to obtain Public Liability Insurance Quotes

3rd June 2010

Before you decide on obtaining a couple of

Public Liability Insurance Quotes in order to select and invest on this

insurance policy, its best you first decide what you exactly require.

Most business people will require a yearly

policy for a full-time business, trade or profession. When you request for

quotes, they will determine the cost of your insurance policy depending on the

coverage of your business.

You will need to provide some basic information

of your business to either get an online or offline quote. Given below is the

information you will need to provide to obtain an insurance quote:

1) Your type of business

2) The type of incorporation of

your business – limited company, sole proprietorship, partnership etc.

3) Provide an estimate of your

annual turnover of the business.

4) For a Public Liability

Insurance Quote, it is important and necessary that you provide details of any claims in the past. You will also need to provide details of any incidents that

may result in a claim being filed. For prior claims, you will need to provide

the dates, circumstances and amounts also.

5) Whether your business is

carried out in a commercial or industrial zone, other than your office or shops.

6) Whether you have any subsidiary


7) Whether you intend selecting

public liability and product liability insurance on your quote application. Product liability is a cover in the event the products of your business caused

damage to third party members. Public liability is a cover in the event a third

part suffers damages on your premises.

8) Provide the total number of

workers in your business. This will help the insurer to calculate the premium.

The total number including directors/partners, number of clerical partners, clerical

employees etc. – all need to be included.

9) Incidents related to

occupational conditions and diseases also need to be provided.

10) The start date of coverage needs to be provided in order to

calculate a quote. Generally every insurance company provides a 30 day period

for a quote.

Obtaining an online Public Liability

Insurance Quote is convenient as you will be able to receive the quote

confirmation immediately to your email account. Requesting for an insurance

quote does not mean that you are obliged if buy the policy; any business will

generally call for a number of quotes and select the most appropriate.

Premiums given on the quote are not the

final figure – it can be slightly higher or lower. You will be able to arrive

at the final figure after negotiations/discussions are carried out.

Once you have called for a number of

quotes, do not be hasty to choose a policy. Initially, take your time to study

each of them and the best will be to carry out a cost comparison. Also make

sure that the quote covers all areas of your business. It is vital that it has

provision of all areas depending on your type of business. This way you will be

able to decide and select on a reasonably priced Public Liability Insurance