14th December 2009

Information You Need before Ordering Dry Wipe Boards

You might think that ordering dry wipe boards is as easy as picking up the telephone.

You might think that ordering dry wipe boards is as easy as picking up the telephone. However, due to the practically unlimited choices available for these types of boards, there is a great deal that you actually need to consider before you pick up the phone, or visit your office supply store. Let’s take a look at the information that you need before you attempt to place your order. 

● What kind of space do you have? Space is usually a very important issue, and will determine many things concerning the boards that you order. Wall space is usually essential in this department, and this will determine the size of the boards that you order, as well as the shapes that you require. Also realise that these boards are often used as wall dividers as well. Be sure to get exact measurements – don’t try to guess the measurements, actually do the measuring and write the information down.

● What is your material preference for your dry wipe boards? There are many material options for these boards, and you need to have a full understanding of them, so that you end up with the boards that work best for you and your organisation. Talk to a sales representative about your options. 

● What shape do you require? These boards don’t have to be square, although most are actually rectangular in shape. However, you can actually order these boards in just about any shape that you desire. You can even order these boards with an imprint of your logo if you so desire. Realise that you are not limited to square or rectangular boards at all, and get what not only works best in your space, but what looks best as well. 

● Will your dry wipe boards be portable or stationary? This is an important consideration. Do you need your board to be portable? If so, you need to order a board that is on casters – much like a portable chalkboard. Otherwise, make sure that you have the wall space available for stationary boards that you require. Many companies find that they benefit from both types. You are not limited to one board, in most cases, which brings us to the final consideration.

● How many do you require? How many boards will your business benefit from? Does each individual employee need their own board in their work space? Is one needed in the break room? Naturally, you will want one in the conference room. Give this some thought, and make sure that you make notes concerning the number of different sizes and shapes that you require.

If you’ve considered all of these things before you order your dry wipe boards, you can easily pick up the phone, call your preferred office supply store, and easily place your order over the phone, with very little hassle, and very little loss of time. Just make sure that you know exactly what you need before making the call, and the process is very easy.