Insurance For Events and Meetings Is The Realistic Choice

11th May 2010

I hardly think that anyone in their right mind would deny the

importance of trade shows and other similar events to any company

today. Entry to such events is usually fairly easy – but the

organizational difficulties of actually taking part in such an event –

those are something else altogether. And many companies and executives

tend to lose sight of how crucially important insurance for events can

be to a trade show or exhibition.

A litigation is hardly a welcome thing to any business even at the best

of times, and having to go through all the fuss and bother of fighting

off a claim, in case of accidental injury at an event, can really be

more bother than it is worth. Not to mention the subsequent losses in

case the suit is loss, in the form of damages, medical expenses that

have to be paid, and the opposition's legal fees. The simple fact is

that many juries really do see big companies as fair game.

Remember, if you don't have insurance for events, when a suit is

brought, you might be dealing with a jury that thinks to themselves

that awarding the suit to the plaintiff will hardly even put a dent in

the company's budget. No matter how mistaken this belief might be, the

behavior resulting from it finds more and more companies paying out

claims based on the flimsiest of foundations.

Being optimistic is hardly a solution, because the wrong thing can

happen, no matter how unlikely it may appear. A stand, or a section of

a stand may fall over and hurt someone. And then, if you happen to have

no insurance for events, you'll find that you have all the worry of

fighting the case – a thing that can turn into a long drawn out and

tedious process. Taking on a lawyer, following the progress of the

case, even attending court sessions. Consider not only the potential

expense if the case goes against you, but also the crucial loss of

time. Can you really afford it?

Whereas if you take on a good insurance company, the company will take

this entire burden off your shoulders. For example, did you know that

an insurance company will fight claims for you? They do, as they will

be the ones to have to pay if you lose. This is what makes insurance

for events a good deal. The insurance people have their own dedicated

and highly experienced lawyers, and they will handle any issue that may

arise, from the litigation to the negotiations with the claimant, to

the actual payment of dues if a case should go against you, and them.

So why not take advantage of this? And it's not just claims that an

insurance company will handle, remember. It will also cover damage to

most of your equipment. Consider the cost of your exhibition stand

itself, and how the entire stand could be lost if there was a fire.

Consider the cost of the spotlights you use to highlight the stand.

Consider the cost of the movie projector and the seating arrangements,

and a dozen other details of equipment that may not be much each in

itself, but which together add up to a considerable sum that you just

cannot afford to lose by not taking out insurance for events.