Internet World first show to benefit from Melville's new LeadManager

27th May 2011

UBM is the first organiser to deploy Melville's LeadManager across an entire show at Internet World, where almost all of the exhibitors took the opportunity to use the system.

Melville's exhibitor services manager Clair Ray described the result as a "stunning success" with positive feedback from the organiser and from exhibitors. "They found the system clear, simple and easy to use, and they really liked the customer service," said Ray. More than 55,000 leads were captured and imported into the system over the three days of Internet World. UBM was delighted by LeadManager's performance.

Clare Puddifoot, UBM head of marketing said: "The Melville LeadManager solution enhanced the experience of our Internet World exhibitors. The software delivered exhibitors’ leads quickly to enable essential sales follow-up, and it has been praised for its simplicity and relevance in line with exhibitors’ needs. In addition, Melville delivered exceptional customer service to support our exhibitors at the event and has certainly established an excellent platform for the ongoing success of its LeadManager service."

LeadManager allows each exhibitor to capture, categorise and upload leads to a dedicated micro site where they can be reviewed, managed and downloaded to the company’s own customer relationship management system. The ease of use and speed of upload was appreciated by the exhibitors whose sales leads were accessible from their secure accounts within 10 minutes of the show closing. Exhibitors’ comments about LeadManager included:

"I absolutely love the way this system allows us to both capture and organise our leads," said Julie Tillyard, UK marketing executive with GlobalSign, an exhibitor at the event. "LeadManager will help us to convert leads into sales because it allows us to categorise leads, flag-up individual leads and prioritise leads. It allows us to manipulate and organise the lead data easily. This is much better than every other lead capture system I have used."

"Melville provided a quick and easy lead capture system that takes care of the detail so that we can concentrate on our clients," said exhibitor Ben Phipps, business development manager at hosting provider Dedipower.

"Melville offered a great, simple yet effective product with excellent customer service and support," said Robin Smith, business development manager at Auros.

"The system was reliable, great for categorizing who was new and who was a hot lead and will be great for sorting through the data when we are back in the office," said Moshe Selfin, chief marketing officer with exhibitor CredoRax."

"LeadManager is far more than just a lead capture system. It helps exhibitors to actively manage their leads and to maximise conversions, and it helps organisers to demonstrate the effectiveness of their event. The advantage of making this product available to all exhibitors is that it maximises demonstrable return on investment generated by an event," commented Melville chief executive officer Nick Marshall.