Is Audiovisual Hire Affordable?

10th December 2009

When you participate in any type of event that requires an

audiovisual hire, your first concern will usually be the cost of renting this

type of equipment. Your business operates on a budget, and you most likely have

a very tight budget for the planned event as well – and all equipment that must

be rented for that event comes from that budget. Some audiovisual equipment

rentals are very expensive, while others are not. There are several ways that

you can save money. Let’s take a look at some money saving ideas.

  • How

    long will you need the equipment for? Short term rentals are usually the

    least expensive, and are often charged by the number of days or hours the

    equipment will be used. Try to determine exactly how long you will need

    the equipment, and avoid renting the equipment for hours or days that

    extend beyond that to save money on the rental.

  • Are

    you eligible for any discounts related to your audiovisual hire? Discounts

    are often given for a wide variety of reasons. For example, you may be

    eligible for a discount if you reserve your equipment far enough in

    advance. You may be eligible for a discount if you are participating in a

    certain event. Many services even give senior citizen discounts, and if

    you aren’t a senior citizen, you might consider someone who meets that

    criteria rent the equipment for you instead.

  • Can

    you opt for older equipment for a cheaper rate? Most people want the

    newest and most advanced equipment possible, but it could be that your

    video or audio presentation can do just as well with the use of older

    equipment. Ask the sales representative about the use of older equipment

    that may be available, and find out what kind of savings you may get with

    the rental of that equipment.

  • Will

    a longer rental actually make the audiovisual hire more affordable? While

    short term rentals are usually the least expensive, there are situations

    where a longer rental term can make the equipment more affordable. Of

    course, this is only true if you actually have need of the equipment for

    that period of time. You will want to ask about this, however.

  • Are

    discounts being offered to participants for a certain event? Often, when

    there is a large event coming up in the area, many services will offer

    discounts to those who are participating in that specific event. These

    savings can be quite substantial. You can find out from the event

    organizer if special arrangements have been made with any services in the

    area for rentals.

Never be afraid to ask questions that may net you a lower

rate for your audiovisual hire when speaking with a representative. They want

and need your business, and often, they do have discounts that you will not be

made aware of unless you ask if they exist. If you don’t ask, they will be

happy to charge you full price. However, if you do ask, they may feel that

there is hesitation on your part concerning the price of the Audio Visual Hire, and at that point, they

want to make the rental very affordable for you just to get your business.