10th November 2009

Is Credit Card Terminal Rental a Smart Financial Choice?

When you need to process credit cards, you will have to decide whether you want a credit card terminal rental or a purchase.

When you need to process credit cards, and you start looking at the

various methods available for doing this, you will have to decide

whether you want a credit card terminal rental or a purchase. This

equipment is typically quite expensive, and not always affordable for

small businesses. However, the option to rent the equipment is usually

very affordable for small business owners - and even large business

owners take advantage of all of the perks of leasing, instead of owning.


financial experts agree that in many cases, when it comes to any type

of office or business equipment, a lease is always better than a

purchase. Of course, there are many factors that must be considered,

such as the cost of the equipment if it is purchased, including

repairs, maintenance, replacement, and insurance coverage for the

equipment. When you rent or lease equipment, however, repairs,

maintenance, replacement, and insurance is usually covered in the terms

of the lease, and are not the responsibility of the business owner.


a credit card terminal rental the same as a lease for the equipment?

The two terms are interchangeable, however typically in this case, a

rental is short term, while a lease is long term. Regardless of the

term used, or the length of time that you will be renting or leasing

the equipment, a salesman will typically know what you mean.


business owners will shy away from renting equipment due to the lengths

of the leases, or the terms of the lease agreement. However, terms can

always be negotiated, and in most cases, you can work with a company

that leases this type of equipment for short term use or long term use,

and contracts can be tailored to suit you and your business. Never

reject the idea without finding out what is possible first.


you own equipment, you must pay to have that equipment replaced when it

wears out or breaks, or to have it repaired. Often with equipment that

is so technical in nature, repair and replacement costs are very high,

and you might find that a credit card terminal rental is a smarter

financial choice in the long run. This can be a huge, unexpected

expense that many businesses cannot absorb today. With a rental, this

isn't ever an issue that you will have to face.

Another benefit

of renting, instead of owning, is that as technology advances, you can

upgrade to more advanced equipment, without having to shell out more

money for yet another purchase of newer equipment.

Only you can

determine whether a Credit Card Terminal Rental is better for you and

your business than an outright purchase of the equipment. Different

factors will come into play for different businesses, but overall, you

must analyze and compare the cost of purchasing, as compared to the

cost of leasing any equipment that you use for your business, and

include the potential cost of repairing or replacing that equipment as

the need arises when you own it.