Is Overhead Projector Hire The Best Choice?

10th December 2009

When you have need of an overhead projector, you must

determine whether purchasing the equipment is the best option, or if an

overhead projector hire is the best option. There are advantages and

disadvantages to both options, and what is best for one company may not be what

is best for another. Let’s take a look at some basic information.

  • How

    often will you use the equipment? If you will only be using the equipment

    once or twice a year, it really doesn’t make sense to own it outright. You

    will almost always fare better if you rent the equipment when it is

    needed. However, if you will be using this type of equipment often, it

    makes more sense to own it. At the same time, however, you may fare better

    with a long term lease instead of an outright purchase.

  • What

    is the cost of the overhead projector hire as compared to an outright

    purchase? The cost of the equipment is usually a determining factor. If

    the equipment costs more than your budget allows for an outright purchase,

    you will of course do better to lease the equipment, even if it is a long

    term lease. Make sure that you are aware of taxes, deposits, insurance

    costs, and other fees that may apply as well, so that you know the true

    cost of the equipment rental.

  • What

    about maintenance, service, and replacement of the equipment? Maintaining,

    servicing, and replacing equipment as needed can be very expensive, and

    this will be your responsibility if you own the equipment. However, when

    you lease the equipment, these things are typically the responsibility of

    the rental company, which will save you a great deal of money, and a great

    deal of trouble.

  • Is

    the overhead projector hire new? If the rental is short term, it may not

    matter how old the equipment is. However, in the case of a long term

    rental, you will want to make sure that you are starting out with brand

    new equipment. If saving money is important, you might also settle for

    leasing older equipment, if it is in good condition, as long as the

    equipment will be replaced when a replacement is needed.

  • Is

    Rent-to-Own an option? Although you typically end up paying twice what the

    equipment is worth with a rent-to-own option, for many businesses, this is

    what is needed to eventually own the equipment outright. If you are not

    interested in owning the equipment, however, you will want to avoid the

    rent-to-own option, as a straight rental usually costs less.

If you consider the above questions, you can usually

determine what will be best for you in terms of an overhead projector hire.

Again, consider both options carefully before making your final decision, and

make sure that you talk with an equipment sales representative at the rental

company that you have selected as well. They may be able to give you more detailed

information concerning the equipment, the costs, and the agreement for the audio visual hire, to help you

make a more informed decision.