Is There Such a Thing as a Quality Collapsible Table?

2nd December 2009

You might

want to consider the use of a collapsible table in your office, home, or for

special events. There are many benefits and uses for this type of table.

Unfortunately, many people do not believe that a high quality table of this

type exists. This all depends on how you look at it. Use the following

information to determine whether this type of table offers the quality that you


Size and

Space – Does the table have enough space for what you will be using it for?

Does it stand tall enough? Is it the right shape? Few people realize that this

plays into the quality issue, but in terms of what you need the table for, it

actually does relate to the quality of the table – from your point of view. A

table that doesn’t meet your size and space requirements has no value to you



Table Balance – There is nothing more irritating than a table or chair that

‘wobbles.’ Unfortunately, this is a very common problem for these types of

tables, and you will want to make sure that the table is well balanced so that

when it is set up, it does not move, or ‘wobble.’


and Sturdiness – The strength and sturdiness of a table largely depends on the

materials that the table is made of, as well as any materials that cover the

table, such as the table top. Some table tops are covered in vinyl, which

easily rips and stains. Underneath that vinyl, you may find particle board,

which will easily warp – or collapse – with extended use as well. Make sure the

table that you select is made of wood or metal, including the table top.


Collapsible Table Construction and Craftsmanship – Simply put, it doesn’t

matter if the table meets all of your other requirements or not. If the

construction or craftsmanship of the table is shoddy, it isn’t high enough

quality for you, and it will not serve you well.

Ease of

Storage, Set Up, and Take Down – If you will be the person setting up the

table, taking it down, and storing it, this will matter a great deal to you. If

the table is a pain to set up, store, or take down, it isn’t much use to you.

It matters to anyone who has to deal with this. As far as setting the table up

and taking it down, the construction of the table will depend on how easy it is.

In terms of storage, how much space you have, and the size of the table once it

is taken down will determine whether you can easily store it or not.


means different things to different people. If a collapsible table fits all of

your needs and requirements, and it is constructed well, to you, this would be

a quality table. However, if it did not meet your requirements, or it was not

constructed well, you would not consider it to be the quality that you require.