Ixpo.com Lead the Field With Carbon Neutral Display Solutions

6th January 2010


Doncaster based business ixpo.com has become one of the very first companies in

their industry to be totally carbon neutral.


company, who manufacture and supply a range of display solutions including

pavement signs, poster frames and banner stands, were established in 2009 in

direct response to the growing global demand from consumers for environmentally

friendly products.


have audited their entire production process to determine how much carbon is

produced throughout their production process – including both their own and

their suppliers' manufacturing processes, and in the transportation of their

products. Wherever possible they have reduced their carbon production, and any

carbon they do produce is counterbalanced through various carbon offset



director James Edwards said of the company and their ethos: “Everybody knows

about global warming and the catastrophic affect it could have on our planet.

Carbon, in particular carbon dioxide, contributes about two thirds of the total

human contribution towards the warming effect. This is why it is absolutely

vital that industries take responsibility now to try and cut their carbon

footprint. I believe we are the first company in our particular industry to go

100% carbon neutral and I for one hope that others will now follow ixpo.com's

lead and reduce or offset their carbon production.”


well as being a carbon neutral company, ixpo.com also invest in new greener

technology. For example, their new state of the art LED edge-lit light boxes

utilise energy saving LEDs, compared to the more traditional fluorescent tubes

used in older style light boxes. This new technology uses up to 33% less energy

than the older fluorescent tube light boxes. Not only that, but they also provide

up to 100,000 hours of illumination, compared to 18,000 hours from the older

style boxes – meaning less bulb changing and ultimately less waste going to