16th December 2009

Key Concepts of Exhibition Stand Construction

If you are going to exhibit in an exhibition or a trade show then you have to make sure that the construction of your exhibition stand is according to standards.

Exhibitions can be defined as trade fairs where different companies can

display their products and services they offer, a place where the companies can

demonstrate their newly launched products and present them to attract potential

customers. If you are among them displaying your product, you have to look out

for an exhibition stand that is good looking and attractive, this is where the

concept of exhibition stand construction comes in. the construction of your

exhibition stand must be unique and outstanding. You can market your newly

launched product very effectively in an exhibition if you exhibition stand is

outstanding. An exhibition stand is not limited in terms of displaying a product;

it’s not like a retail shop where a product can be demonstrated to a limited

number of clients or customers. An exhibition is a place where people from

every profession come and look for what they want.

If you are going to exhibit in an exhibition or a trade show then you

have to make sure that the construction of your exhibition stand is according

to standards. Your exhibition stand construction takes place in a proper

standard and under a licensed company, the construction must be unique.

An exhibition stand is constructed in a series of steps; first a basic

design is made up, which then is set up in a way that the basic features like

electricity, emergence exits etc are implemented. Then according to the design

the manufacturers (keeping in mind the presentation factor) construct the

layout, shape and form of the exhibition stand. Then comes the designing of the

interior part of the exhibition stand, you might ask your manufacturer or the

architect to design the interior with heavy and eye-catching graphics, put on

some lights and colours. You may also add audio-visual features to your stand

so that the customers are attracted more as compared to your competitors. You

may also like to add some hot and cold beverages to be a part of your stand,

which also attracts people.

In order to make exhibition stand construction process an easier process

many companies today opt for having a ready-made exhibition set-up schemes like

carpets, walls lighting and many other features.  

When you go out to look for an exhibition stand construction company

most of them today operate through a small team of designers. These designers

implement the requirements that you give to them step by step and construct an

exhibition stand for your product they do this until the exact requirement is


The basic layout of an exhibition stand must be in a way that the

company’s individual goals are met and the product display is outstanding.

Once you provide specific requirements to the

exhibition stand contractors, they implement them with the state of the art

machines and make a perfect looking stand for you to exhibit your product. They

construct the exhibition stands with quality materials that are reliable and durable.

The teams which construct your stand are efficient and proactive. These

companies are licensed and have professionals working with them.