Launch of New & Exciting Exhibition Stand Design Ideas from POD Exhibition Systems

1st February 2010

POD Exhibition Systems have

launched a new range of exhibition stand design ideas to help companies reduce

the costs of exhibiting in 2010. 

POD Exhibition Systems, experts in the exhibition and display industry

for over 10 years have begun a campaign to find display stand solutions that

are affordable and practical.  With the

difficult economic climate and continuing pressure on already squeezed

marketing budgets, POD has found the primary concern of their customers in 2010

is practicality and affordability. 

Expensive custom built stands are just no longer an option for many


Modular displays have been a popular product for POD Exhibition Systems

for many years, but they have taken the step of transforming them to create

practical, portable displays.  In order

to do this they have created

a range of dynamic design ideas for modular exhibition stands from

off-the-shelf systems that can be customised to your exact needs, whatever the

size of your exhibition space. 

Each section in

the ‘Design Ideas’ section on their website has design suggestions for small,

medium or large floor-spaces either as a shell scheme or space only display. 

Sherina Thompson

from the Marketing team at POD Exhibition Systems commented “Our customers have found the switch from expensive

custom built stands to modular systems, not only is a more economical solution

to exhibiting, but also allows for a simpler more efficient process in planning

your next exhibition.  This allows you to

spend more time on preparing for the show and makes the process of planning

your next trade event easier knowing your exhibition stand can be reused and

simply reconfigured.  This is down to the

simple way that our dynamic designs from off the shelf systems can be

customised to a portable display that suits you.

POD Exhibition Systems supply a range of accessories from carrier bag

holders to lighting, media screens to furniture, so can take care of every

aspect of your exhibition design.  The

team at POD are happy to show you how our design solutions can work along with

your ideas to come up with the best solution for your project.