03rd March 2010

Leather Chair Covers and the Materials Used to Make Them

Modern “leather chair covers” are actually made of special synthetic materials.

Modern “leather chair covers” are actually made of special synthetic materials. These days, it may be hard to find real leather or suede furniture covers. The real leather and suede would not be easy to tuck in on your own, without the use of special tools. You would probably also need to staple them to the frame, as they wouldn’t hold otherwise.

The modern “leather covers” are made of polyester or polyester and spandex blends. Their specific look is achieved with the use of the latest synthetic fibre technology. These products may come under different names, including: stretch leather/suede, leather/suede fabric, poly-suede leather, and others. The array of these “deceiving” names has appeared due to the relative newness of these materials – they are less than a century old. The confusion may also result from the retailers looking for new names to separate these from the "plastic leather" materials that were popular a couple of decades ago.

Unlike real leather, the imitation leather chair covers are very cheap. The fabric feels great to the touch - it's smooth and comfortable. Its look resembles the real leather, unless you come real close to the item or touch it. It feels like fabric with a dimpled texture.

The stretch leather/suede materials take minutes to put on, and can help you redecorate your room fast and easy. A little tucking and you will achieve a perfect custom fit. The item may also come with helpful instructions for styling. You can use these affordable covers to hide the worn or torn upholstery, as well as to protect valuable materials underneath. In either case, your room will obtain a refreshed look, different style, and start to shine with new life. Using these, you can redecorate your rooms as often as you wish, just for fun.

What can you use stretch leather covers for? You can use them with most types of chairs, including ones with arms and without arms. The leather chair covers are commonly used in dining rooms for armless chairs. You can choose from short or long covers, with or without a skirt. In order to ensure a perfect fit, measure the back of your chairs prior to making the purchase. Armless designs are also perfect for offices. There also are items for standard or non-standard chairs with arms. They will help you hide the common "loose pillow" look of the furnishing that was in use for awhile. These also come with or without skirts.

The fabric will serve you well for a long time; it’s stain resistant and easy to care for. Here are the care recommendations for machine washing: wash in cold water, separately, and with a gentle cycle. Don't bleach or iron. The tags will typically say “tumble dry low”, but some people noticed that the material shrank when dried this way. So be careful with the temperature, and consider removing the item from the dryer while damp – this will protect it from shrinking and help minimise wrinkling.

The available colours for leather chair covers include: black, brown, chocolate, rust, and taupe. These products typically come with a one year warranty.