Liability Insurance For Events and Exhibitions

5th July 2010

The liability insurance for events is to cover your legal liability

for any injury or damage you might cause to people or their property

during the course of your activity or occupation. It covers anything

from cancellation or abandonment of your event, property damage and

legal liability to outdoor functions or indoor concerts. This type of

insurance is often not required by law but you might not get employers

liability without it. In this fast modern world, many business owners

have to face risks on day to day basis or during events and are now

aware of how important an insurance policy can be for them and for their

business.  Before organising and running an event, you should arrange

for a  relevant and reliable insurance policy, to protect yourself and

your event against any eventualities beyond your control that would

force you to cancel or abandon your event.

· With liability insurance for events you might also need public

liability, employer’s liability insurance and professional indemnity


a. Public liability insurance  will cover the claims arising from your

liability for injury to a person outside of your employment or damage to

their property.

b. Whereas employers liability is a legal requirement if you are

directly employing someone or you are employing them as a labour only

sub contractor. If your business has employees, it is likely that

employers' liability insurance is compulsory. However, there are some

cases, when this insurance is not required.

c. Professional indemnity insurance covers claims arising as a result of

your negligence or wrong advice in work you have done for a client.

· In the liability insurance for events, where legal liability is

established, damages are awarded to the claimant to compensate them for

their injury or the damage to their property and the person or business

responsible will also have to pay any legal costs, including the


· There are a lot of comprehensive insurance programs on offer for the

clients developed by the experience professionals and some insurance

companies also give you the option to name your reception venue as

additional insured without any extra cost. You can also get timely

online quoting and placement of coverage for difficult risks.

· There are companies, who promise to give the best value insurance and

highest quality service to their rapidly expanding customer base. You

are likely to be considered for this policy, if you have clean loss

record, but it can often result in no quotation being provided due to

most insurers requiring a referral if a proposer has a claims history.

· Some might insurers might calculate the premium using a factor that

reflects the amount of activity undertaken by the business. For smaller

to medium-size risks, the insurer will use an average rate, which is

based on the claims they have paid out to similar businesses.

The liability insurance for events is designed to protect your business

against any unexpected costs and will give you the perfect protection

for your situation.