15th December 2009

Lined Magnetic Display Board Options

Typically, when you order a lined magnetic display board, you may not realise that you can actually choose between multitudes of options.

Typically, when you order a lined magnetic display board, you may not realise that you can actually choose between multitudes of options. Unfortunately, if you are not aware of these options ahead of time, this can make the ordering process very tedious, and you may not make the best choices or selections when put on the spot like that, where you feel that decisions must be made fast. Take a look at decisions that you need to make ahead of time so that you are prepared for the ordering process when the time arrives. 

● Style Options – You will need to specify the style of the board that you need, in most cases. You can choose between wall boards, caster boards, sliding boards, panel boards, and so much more. Know what your options are, and the style of the board that you need before you start to place your order, as this is a very important decision, with lots of available choices. 

● Material Options for Your Lined Magnetic Display Board – Often, in the case of lined boards, you may not have an option concerning the materials used in the construction of the board. However, in many instances you will have a choice. Know what the material options are, and consider each option carefully so that you get a board that can withstand the amount of use that it will get. 

● Various Frame Selections – While certain boards will require certain frames, including those that are part of a closeout sale or a kit, you will often have a choice when it comes to how your white board is framed. You can choose from a wide variety of wood or metal frames, as well as special casings, such as casings that close and lock. It’s a good idea to take the furnishings of the room where the board will be used into account when you make this decision, so that the board doesn’t look ‘out of place’ in the room. 

● Custom Lining Options for Your Magnetic Display Board – In most cases, you can specify various things about the lines that are painted on the board. You can determine the thickness of the lines, the colour of the lines, and even the amount of space between the lines. Sometimes, however, you won’t have an option if you are ordering a closeout or a kit. Ask your sales representative if you can specify how you want the lines on the board or not. 

● Visible or Invisible Lines – If you will be using your board for scheduling or other things, where visible lines are needed, this isn’t a problem at all. However, you also have the option of what looks to be a plain whiteboard, which includes ‘invisible’ lines that make it easier to write in a uniform – straight and even – manner. These invisible lines are only seen when you are close enough to the board to be writing on it.

Depending on the company that you are ordering your magnetic display board through, there may be additional options that you have as well. However, these options are the most common decisions that you will need to make, and by having these answers ready, ordering your board will be very fast and painless.