London Light supplies Color Web for hairdresser awards

20th January 2010


Light Production Services has worked with Capitol House Productions to supply

over 200 sq m of Chroma Q Color Web, along with an ETC Eos console and

HippoCritter media server for the British Hairdressing Awards at London’s

Grosvenor House Hotel in November. 


manager Amanda Murray at Capitol House says: “We already have our own in house

lighting, but we contacted London Light because we knew they stocked Color Web,

which we’d seen and loved at other award events. The first meeting with [London

Light directors] Sam Crook and David Buffham took place around six months

before the event, when they discussed show’s requirements with our lighting

designer, Quentin Jarman, including programming the effects to go with the

music that would be used. We were really impressed with their helpful and

creative attitude – I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them to

anyone else.” 


1,800 people attended the evening, which comprised a dinner followed by the

awards ceremony, complete with modelled presentations on a catwalk. The Color

Web was put to good use throughout the evening, creating a 38m wide and 6m high

backdrop along one side of the ballroom. This was driven by Green Hippo’s

Hippocritter media server and controlled through an ETC Eos console by David

Buffham. This gave full control over output and timing and even allowed us to

use content provided by the client. The overall impact was stunning and the

versatility of the Color Web and Hippocritter allowed it to compliment the

lighting and mood of the evening. 


London Light’s technical director, Sam Crook: “It was fantastic that David and

I were able to help build such a successful event. By working with a small

company like London Light, Capitol House could be sure of the personal,

friendly and attentive service that they may not find at other, larger, rental