04th March 2010

Loose Chair Covers For All Occasions

Loose chair covers are popular furniture décor options.

Loose chair covers are popular furniture décor options. These items are very easy to put on and they look great. If you are looking for something that would hide or protect your chairs, and would take seconds to put on, then you are probably looking for loose covers.

Loose covers are very popular for dining rooms. If you have small children, then you may need something that will protect the original chair's upholstery in a snap. You can use these at meal time, and then remove them in seconds. Alternatively, you can keep them on at all times, and take them off to wash when needed. Food spills are very common at mealtime with kids, and pets tend to leave hair on the furniture, especially when they are shedding. Loose chair covers will serve as the perfect protection for your furniture.

The other scenario is if you have several mismatched or older chairs at home, and are planning on holding a party with a lot of guests. Using uniform covers for your furniture pieces will help you achieve a festive and clean look in any room, including the dining room. If you plan to have your party outdoors, you can also use these, without having to worry about the chairs upholstery getting damaged or soiled. They will serve as protection in this case as well.

Loose covers are also very popular for weddings and other banquets with a lot of guests. If there is going to be a few dozen or a few hundred people at a given event, it will require the organiser to take care of the same number of chairs. Loose chair covers are the fastest and the easiest to put on and take off, and they will save you both, time and effort in this case.

They also are becoming excessively popular for sofas and wing chairs. They can fit many designs and models quite easily, and be tied for a nice fit. The wingchair covers that come with skirts look very homey and cosy.

Modern loose covers come in all colours and materials. Some of the most popular materials used for them are cotton and satin.

Cotton is a healthy and “breathing” natural fabric that has been around for over 8,000 years. It’s very easy to care for, and it doesn’t get damaged by high temperatures (both, washing and ironing). Cotton comes in all colours and colour combinations, ranging from pastel tones to bright shades. Satin is a fabric made of interweaving threads of cotton or chemical fibre. It has a smooth, silky surface. Items made of satin are durable and can withstand 200-300 washings, and only then begin to fade a little. Satin is more expensive than cotton.

Whether you are looking for something to decorate your home or a special occasion with, loose chair covers may be one of the best choices. Simply ensure that you closely examine your potential purchase using a quality comparison picture; poorer quality or a smaller picture may not clearly reflect the true colour/texture of the item.