18th March 2010

Maintain a Good Company Image and Reputation with the Assistance of Conference and Events Organisers

Conference and Events Organisers are also known as Conference Organisers and Event Management.

Conference and Events Organisers are also known as Conference Organisers and Event Management. They work for corporate clients, the public sector and all other associations. Their services include the entire management and organisation of conferences, handling all technical production and the management of events that are either combined with conferences or conducted alone.

Given below are some of the services that are offered by these organisers:

  • Conference organisation and management
  • Awards and Gala Dinners
  • Delegate registration – online or on arrival
  • Payment and fee collection
  • Technical and AV support
  • Venue location
  • Onsite registration staff and providing of badges
  • Marketing, PR and Sponsorship
  • Exhibition sales and management
  • Preparation of delegate packs

Conference and Events Organisers services are based on modern and novel ideas with appropriate attention given to every detail of the event and conference, flexibility and enthusiasm, and last but not least an immense amount of patience. The client or the committee nominated for the event will need to work closely with these organisers.  They too will also work closely with you, the client, and provide a comprehensive package of support, ensuring that your conference, event or road show will run smoothly and successfully, from start to end – meeting your targets and objectives.

Before deciding on any particular organisation to handle your up-coming event, it might be wise to read a few of the reviews that are found on their websites. This might help you to make a better decision.

A majority of Conference and Events Organisers work with an international network, making it more advantageous for organising events. They possess a considerable amount of resources and are quite competent in handling a number of events at a given time.

The costs of this valuable service will be an interesting fact to know; basically, they will always create value for your event budget.  These organisers will deliver high quality event management and conference organising at costs which represents value for money. Costs are generally for individual items, giving the client the opportunity to split the costs for those that they would think are essential, ‘good to have’, or even omit if the budgets are tight.

Given below is a useful guide on the costs of hiring Conference and Events Organisers:

  • Venue costs – this section will have categorised rates such as room hire, or a per head delegate rate or a rate for the entire day – depending on your plan for the event
  • Delegate registration and management – the costs for registration, creating the required web pages if it is an online registration, online payments etc.
  • Project management – the cost will be calculated in the number of days that an experienced team had to work on the entire event.
  • Marketing the event – if it is not done in-house by the client. This will include branding and logo design, designing and printing of mailings and email templates, preparation and postage of invitation mailings etc.

When considering the effort and stress that is needed to organise an event, it is far worth to hire competent Conference and Events Organisers who will deliver an excellent product creating a good image and reputation for your company.