11th May 2010

Make an Impressive Product Introduction with a LCD Projector Rental

If your solution is a LCD Projector Rental for your up-coming corporate event, you will need to consider a number of points before selecting a machine to rent out.

If your solution is a LCD Projector Rental

for your up-coming corporate event, you will need to consider a number of

points before selecting a machine to rent out. For example, if your event is to

be held in a boardroom, the type of projector will differ from the type you

would use at an exhibition or large conference hall. You can discuss your exact

requirements with your rental company and they will always provide you their

best. Given below are some of the services that these rental companies offer:

  • Discounts on multi-day rentals
  • 24-hour support
  • 24/7 service
  • Protective travel cases for all equipment
  • Complete setting up instructions are enclosed
  • Connecting cables included

The facilities and services will not always

be the same at the rental companies – they differ from each other. However the

basic services such as, delivery before the event date, instructions,

accompaniments etc. will be the same.

Here are some projectors which could be got

from a LCD Projector Rental which feature the latest technologies and are

commonly used by the corporate sector:



This is the first projector to weigh only

two pounds. It is very powerful with 1,200 lumens and a range of new features.

It is perfect to take anywhere and is designed to get your presentation up and

going quickly. The fully automatic sensing and projector adjustment enables

users to instantly achieve and optimised projected image.


U7-132 DLP

The projector too offers astounding

compactness, lightness and brightness by combining a number of technologies

that it had gained through the years. It offers superlative brightness, and

also includes a number of exclusive features. This projector is 6.6 pounds in




Another type of the LCD Projector Rental is

the Christie L6 which is also known as the Road Runner L6. This is also a

powerful and easy to use multimedia projector which is designed for

multi-purpose applications including staging, business presentations and other

events held at large venues. It has a dual lamp system. The unit is 45.2 pounds

in weight and includes a range of other facilities as well.


LX 100

This is a popularly used product and is

perfect for staging and fixed installation environments. This has a new 3D

digital processing feature. It has a quad lamp light engine and gives an

amazing brightness. It is a fairly large projector weighing 86.6 pounds.  

All LCD Projector Rental companies offer a

reliable and personalised service with good quality equipment at reasonable

rates. You can totally rely on them for professional advice in getting the

right unit for your presentation. Today rentals are a good solution as they are

easy on budgets; rather than business companies having to invest large amounts

on the purchase of audio visual equipment. Some of the rental companies will

also provide you with an on-site technician for a small extra charge. This will

give you peace of mind and help you to relax during the whole presentation, as

it will be handled by a capable person. With the help of the right projector

make an impressive introduction of your product to your potential customers.