Make The Best Of Your Exhibition With Exhibition Stand Accessories

28th April 2010

There are many different exhibition stand accessories that you can make

use of for your trade show or convention. While having good banner

designs and stands, it is the accessories that will help an exhibition

be the best it can be. There is more to appealing to a crowd of people

than just having a basic, good display.  There are many different

factors that can change the mood of an individual at your exhibit. These

factors can include lighting, seating and the general atmosphere.

Through use of promotional materials, lamp fixtures that show off your

banner displays, and a table for your merchandise, you can ensure that

you do your best to control every aspect of your client’s experience at

your booth.

Picking the right exhibition stand accessories for your needs can be

difficult. As there is a wide selection of borders, lighting and cases

that you can use both during and after your show, you need to identify

what you need. There is more to running a successful trade show booth

than just showing up with a display and hoping for the best. You need to

have all of the equipment required to assemble and take care of the

stands and banners. You will need cloths to dust and dry the banners

before storage, basic tools to assemble modular systems, carry cases for

each of your stand sets and packets to store the manuals for your

stands. It is especially important that you keep the manuals for your

stands, as these will have the banner sizes that your stand is

compatible with. Without this, you will not be able to replace banners

as necessary.

One of the most commonly sought after exhibition stand accessories is

lighting fixtures and bulbs for stands. Having adequate lighting in a

trade show hall can be difficult. Every venue has different lighting

systems. Sometimes, the systems allow for good lighting in each booth.

However, this is not always the case. Because of this, you want to make

certain that you bring sufficient lighting so that your booth is

brightly lit. Bright lighting can make a significant difference in how

clients perceive your business. Because of how the human eye reacts to

light, dimly light areas can cause eye strain, lower enthusiasm and

cause general disinterest. If you have invested a lot of time, effort

and money in your display, you want to ensure that your clients will be

as perceptive to your booth as possible.

Once your trade show or convention is over, there are some exhibition

stand accessories that can simplify the packing process. While most

stands come with a carry case, it is possible to buy larger cases that

fit your entire display. This allows you to carry everything at one

time. In addition to this, it keeps your display in one place so that

pieces do not go missing. However, this is not always possible to do,

especially on large scale modular display systems. If you have a large

scale modular display, purchasing matching cases for your sets can help

organize your modules, especially if you have several kits for different

types of trade shows.