Make The Most Of Your Traveling Experience With A Portable Exhibition Stand

27th April 2010

A portable exhibition stand is a great way for a business to make the

most of their traveling experiences. When attending small, one day

conventions or presentations, it is often not practical to order a stand

rental. This is where investing in stands can help you make the most

impact for your demonstrations. A portable stand allows you to be

professional and give a meaningful presentation to your clients without

having to worry about a rental company. However, there are a lot of

things that you will need to keep in mind if you want to purchase stands

for your business. Unlike rentals, it is your responsibility to

maintain the units and determine which creative you need to use with the


The first step in purchasing a portable exhibition stand is to identify

how you will be using the stand. There are many different types of

portable stands, so knowing how you intend on using the stand will go a

long way towards ensuring that you pick the right one for your needs.

There are larger stands that are meant for trade shows and conventions

that last several days. These stands are heavier than most portable

models. There are stands that are lightweight and are meant to be taken

in luggage on a plane to business meetings and presentations. These

weigh very little and are very fast and easy to assemble. However, these

types of stands do not typically last as long as their heavier


Once you have settled on the specific portable exhibition stand that you

want to purchase, you will need to decide on what banners you want to

purchase. The banners are the most important part of your purchase.

Without a high quality banner, it will not be possible to manipulate

your client’s feelings in your favor. There is more to having a

professional appearance than just a well designed banner, however. It is

vital that you purchase banners that are matched to your stands. While

many stands are often compatible with banners of different sizes, they

were designed for certain sized banners. A properly fitting banner looks

significantly more professional than one that barely fits within the

thresholds of the stand. A well fitted banner will have no wrinkles,

mask the presence of the stand and look attractive.

Once you have purchased your portable exhibition stand, it is important

that you take good care of the stand. Because portable stands are moved

so frequently, it is necessary that you check the stand for damage

whenever you pack it away and unpack it. While the stands are built to

be as durable as possible, traveling is often hard on equipment. The

same also applies to the banners. When you store both banner and stand,

it is very important that they are put in cool, dry places. The banners

and stands should also be completely dry prior to be placed in their

appropriate carry cases. Moisture in the case can cause damage to the

banner and stands. In the case of the banners, it can cause mould or

mildew as well as discolour the banner.