06th May 2010

Make The Most Of Your Travelling Displays With Rollup Banner Stands

Rollup banner stands are an excellent tool for businesses that frequently travel for exhibitions or presentations.

Rollup banner stands are an excellent tool for businesses that

frequently travel for exhibitions or presentations. By taking much of

the manual labour out of setting up a presentation, it is possible to

spend more money and resources on advertising to your customers than

setting up your display at an event or meeting. However, in order to

make the most out of your travelling displays, there are a few things

that you will need to keep in mind. Your stands, for example, will only

be as effective as the banners that you put on them. Taking your time

with the selection of banner and stand can save you a great deal of

effort and work.

One of the benefits to using rollup banner stands is that many banner

types are compatible with these stands. By affixing Velcro to your

pre-existing banners, it is possible to make use of advertising material

that you already have. This can save you a significant amount of money,

especially if you already have a large stock of banners. However, it is

important to realize that purchasing banners made to fit your specific

stands often look much better and far more professional than older

banners that are forced to fit stands they weren’t designed for. This is

particularly true if you have a series of specialized banners designed

to make a wall or are a part of a large scale presentation. In cases

like this, you will want to strongly consider making use of new banners

so that your presentation does not suffer from a haphazard appearance.

Another benefit of rollup banner stands is their portability. By

collapsing and being easy to transport, it is possible to quickly set up

for a presentation of exhibit. This can help you maintain a

professional appearance as well as lower the amount of stress that your

employees have to cope with during an already stressful event. By

eliminating sources of stress, you also eliminate the potential for

issues during set up. However, it is important to realize that your

stands will only function properly if you take proper care of them. 

When you attend any event, it is important that you carefully handle

your stands. They should be checked for damage before and after every

use and be cleaned prior to storage. You should take care not to leave

any moisture in the bags when you go to place your stands in storage. If

you have attended an event outdoors where it has rained, lay your

stands and banners out flat to dry after you get them back to your place

of business. This can help ensure that your stands and banners last as

long as possible.

It is also important that you store your rollup banner stands in a cool,

dry place. Heat and exposure to sun can damage your banners and lower

their appeal. Fading can occur if your banners are continually exposed

to sunlight. The stand will also function at a lower performance level

if the moving components are exposed to moisture. With proper care, your

stands can last for many years, making them a worthwhile investment.