Making Smart Projector Rental Decisions

10th December 2009

As a business owner, you are used to making smart decisions,

but when it comes to a projector rental, you may not know enough about this

equipment to make a smart decision. Here are several things that you need to know

to make smart decisions concerning the rental and the equipment. Make sure that

you ask the following questions when you talk to a sales representative.

  • How

    old is the equipment? You need to know how old the equipment is for a

    couple of reasons. In the case of projectors, often the glass top is

    scratched up on older equipment, which makes your presentation very

    unclear. However, if the equipment has been well maintained and is in good

    shape, you can use it, and you may be able to get a discount based on the

    age of the equipment as well.

  • What

    is supplied with the projector rental? Are extra bulbs available? What

    about the clear sheets that are needed? Does the projector come with its

    own stand? These are very important questions, because if these things are

    not included, you will usually have to buy these things yourself, which of

    course comes out of your budget. You may also need dry erase markers,

    paper towels, and a spray glass cleaner for the projector.

  • Will

    the equipment be delivered and set up? For many, this doesn’t matter, but

    for many more, it actually does matter. Most of the better rental services

    will deliver and set up the equipment, and will also give you a crash

    course in operating and caring for the equipment as well. If this isn’t a service

    that is offered, you will have to pick the equipment up yourself, and set

    it up yourself.

  • What

    are the deposits and fees associated with the projector rental? There will

    usually be a deposit for the rental, as well as the rental fees, but there

    may be other fees as well. Make sure that you ask about this, and read the

    rental agreement carefully before signing it, so that you are fully aware

    of all of the associated costs of the rental right from the beginning.

    This eliminates any potential surprises in the future that may not be very


  • What

    if I have problems with the equipment? Your rental agreement should have

    information in it regarding problems with the equipment, and what your

    responsibilities are, as well as the responsibilities of the rental

    company. If this isn’t the case, make sure that you ask. Also ask if

    insurance is available for the equipment, and how often the equipment will

    be serviced or if there will be replacements as necessary with no

    additional costs.

Making a smart projector rental decision isn’t complicated

at all, as you can see. It’s really just a matter of knowing what questions to

ask, in terms of what you need for audio visual hire. If you follow these guidelines there shouldn’t

be any problems at all in obtaining the projector that you need, regardless of

why you need it, or how you intend to use it.