11th June 2020

Managed tech solutions launched to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 at events and exhibitions

New range of wearable tech, thermal screening and state-of-the-art UVC disinfection can be used to help detect and prevent the spread of Coronavirus once industry is able to reopen

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, a first-of-its-kind suite of smart tech solutions has been launched to help those organising exhibitions and events to protect their workforce, delegates and attendees. 

Contrac IT is launching a suite of three managed technology solutions to automatically monitor and protect those in attendance. A combination of wearable tech, thermal screening cameras and a state-of-the-art automated UVC disinfection system allows for the detection, mitigation and prevention of the spread of Covid-19.  They have worked with a number of partners to bring together a range of wearable tech. Available as a lanyard, wristband or high vis vest, the technology alerts the wearer when they get too close to another wearer.

A separate piece of technology monitors people as they enter the venue with thermal imaging cameras, detecting anyone who may be experiencing a higher than normal temperature, so further investigation can take place. 

Contrac IT has also been granted the UK licensing rights for providing the THOR UVC® terminal cleaning device to non-healthcare related industries. Killing viruses quickly and efficiently, the remotely operated system uses ultraviolet to decontaminate both the air and surfaces in a room, killing 99.9999% of pathogens. After scanning the room and creating a plan, a cleverly designed rotating and rising tower cleans the room before the network-connected system creates a report to monitor and evaluate activity. Nanoclave cabinets are also available, utilising the same UV technology to allow the cleaning of smaller items such as operational or staff equipment, including electronic items, fabrics/uniforms and cleaning equipment. 

All the devices, which are GDPR compliant, can be monitored 24-hours a day by Contrac IT to enable corrective action as required. 

Contrac IT works with clients in a range of sectors who are all facing the new health and safety challenges presented by Coronavirus.  “We’ve launched this suite of products in response to the requests we were getting from our existing clients said the Managing Director, Mark Harding. Everyone is keen to get business back up and running, but it has to be done safely – and quite rightly, people felt a few lines of tape on the floor weren’t really enough. 

“The three tech solutions we’ve brought together can be tailored to a specific venue, or event. In an exhibition or event setting, one of the most important aspects of these new tools is the reassurance they give organisers, employees and attendees that the situation is being monitored closely and managed in a systematic way using some really strong tech solutions. These are worrying times and people need to feel safe if we’re to get the events industry back on its feet.”  

For more information www.contracfm.com/covid-response or email info@contracfm.com