17th December 2009

Marker Boards for All of Your Needs

If you aren’t sure that you or your business would have many uses for marker boards, you might want to rethink that.

If you aren’t sure that you or your business would have many uses for marker boards, you might want to rethink that. There are countless uses for whiteboards, also known as dry erase boards in the business place today. In fact, once they get started with these types of boards, businesses find that they use these boards extensively, and often have numerous boards available throughout their office or workspace. Take a look at some of the potential uses below. 

● Brainstorming – Dry erase boards, or white boards, are excellent for brainstorming purposes. You can write or draw, using a wide variety of colours, and erase as you desire. This gives you environmentally friendly options for brainstorming, as you won’t be wasting paper. It is also quite cost effective as well. 

● Presentation Marker Boards – These boards are great for presentations. You can write on the boards as you are making the presentation, or write and draw on the board prior to the presentation and use a pointer. The fact that you can purchase these boards magnetised as well makes them even better presentation tools. Of course, whether your presentation is pre-written or not will often depend on how much board space you have available in terms of how much space your presentation requires. 

● Notices – These boards are great for notices. These may be notices for your employees or customers. You can write the information that needs to be written, erase it when it is no longer pertinent, or change it as the need arises. Many businesses are even placing small versions of these types of boards outside of offices or cubicles to improve communication within the organisation. 

● Calendar and Scheduling Marker Boards – Because there are so many different types of boards available, such as lined boards or grid boards, these are excellent tools for calendars and scheduling. They can also be used to track sales or productivity, goals, equipment information, log in/out, and so much more. The possibilities are unlimited, and you can often have your board highly customised for your specific needs, and because the information can be erased and changed as needed, these boards never go out of date, or out of style. 

● Training Room Boards – These boards are being used in training rooms more often for a variety of reasons. First, blackboards that require chalk are exceedingly messy, and many people are actually allergic to chalk dust. Second, information written on a white board, using a variety of coloured markers, is much easier to see. You can erase the information from the white board just as you would erase information from a chalkboard as well. 

As you can see, there really are multiple uses for marker boards, and you will most likely be able to use these special boards in your organisation, in the ways listed here. However, because your organisation is unique or special, you may have additional uses for these boards that are not listed here as well. Take the time to consider the possibilities, so that you can increase organisation and productivity within your business setting.