Merchant Account Credit Card Processing Services - What You Need to Know

11th November 2009

Whether you accept credit cards online or not, you will need

merchant account credit card processing services in order to process

credit card payments made to your business. There are countless

processing services, and often, selecting the right service can be


First, there is the issue of getting accepted by the

processing company. Not all processing companies accept all merchants'

applications for service. Some will run extensive credit reports, and

will only offer accounts to those with outstanding credit. You may have

excellent credit, and still be disapproved because of the type of

business that you have, or the type of credit card processing that you

need. What you need to know at this point is that regardless of any of

those issues, you can still find a processing company that will approve

you for service.

Merchant account credit card processing services

are available for those business owners who have bad or poor credit.

Services are also available regardless of the type of business that you

do - as long as it is legal, and services are available regardless of

the way that you will process payment cards - in person, online, over

the telephone, or by mail.

It is also important to know that

while a merchant account is required to process credit cards, the

merchant account doesn't necessarily have to be yours - so to speak.

There are companies that can handle processing for you, through their

accounts. These is essentially a 'middle man,' and the cost of these

types of services are typically much higher than getting an account of

your own, because they realize that there was some reason why you

couldn't get your own account.

Often, if you have really bad

credit, these are the type of merchant account credit card processing

services that you will require. Although you will pay more for the

service, in many instances, this could be the right solution for your

business. However, you can find services that offer the service that

you require, without many requirements, which are very affordable.


contract is another issue. Most services will require you to sign a

contract, but there are those that will not. The contract will contain

terms of use of the service, and an explanation of fees, including

early termination fees that may be applied. There are companies that do

not require contracts, but the important thing to realize here is that

if there is no contract that makes you accountable to the service,

there also isn't a contract in place that makes the service accountable

to you.

The main thing to remember when shopping for Merchant Account Credit Card Processing services is that you need to determine

whether the service is an actual merchant account for you or if it is a

service that processes your card payments through their merchant

account. In the end, the only real difference between the two different

types of services is the price, in most cases. You also probably do

need a contract to protect yourself and your business.