08th June 2010

Merchant Accounts Are A Secure Way To Do Business

Merchant accounts can provide you the opportunity for doing business and also give you tremendous economical benefits along with tax reductions.

Merchant accounts can provide you the opportunity for doing business

and also give you tremendous economical benefits along with tax

reductions. These accounts use secure payment gateways to ensure that

credit card information is not compromised and also offers some form of

fraud control to protect you from charge backs and fraudulent payments. 

They offer accounting tools, including real-time reporting and payment

trends to track your success. Moreover, these accounts allow customers

to choose the payment method they're most comfortable with and pay in

seconds and you can accept a number of payment methods, including all of

the major debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. These types of accounts

can accept point of service sales as well as Internet, phone and

wireless sales for mobile companies.

• Merchant accounts companies specialise in providing smaller online

businesses with simple, easy to use, accessible, online payment services

and it is quite easy to find range of services exactly what you are

looking for, if you are looking for an online payment package. They can

also advise you of the best deal for your business.

• For your account, the first thing that you need is a financial

contract that you will need with a merchant acquiring institution, i.e. a

bank. This will offer your business with the facility to accept credit

or debit card payments. A payment gateway will connect your main web

site to your merchant acquiring bank over the Internet. Normally this

will provide an area on a secure server to host your payment forms, and

will forward the transaction payment data in real-time for

authorisation. If your bank authorises the transaction the payment

gateway will return a confirmation page back to your customer and send

you the notification of the successful order.

• You normally need a special kind of merchant accounts, if you are

trading online, this would allow the store owner to accept payments

securely and safely. The ones from your bank for over the counter

transactions are not always valid for online trading.

• In the ecommerce accounts, your customers will be able to have all

their transactions handled almost immediately. It also puts the money

directly into your business bank account, rather than having to wait

days or more for a personal check to clear.

• These accounts work quite quickly, as when the card users visit your

internet shop to order your goods or services and make payments, and the

funds will usually be in your bank account after three or four working

days. In some cases, if a transaction proves to be fraudulent, the money

will be reclaimed from your bank account, this is known as a


Most merchant accounts provide a convenient way for customers to pay as

well as increase sales revenues. And it’s fact that anytime you make it

easy for the customers to do transactions you can be sure there will be

an increased flow of business. Customers will always prefer short,

simple transactions and can become loyal when their purchase process is

simpler compared to that of your competitors.