Merchant Accounts Let You Process Payments Fast

3rd December 2009

Merchant accounts are much more complicated that what a first glance

indicates.  In order to know what to expect from your account you need

to understand exactly what your business needs are.  You can expect to

have credit and possibly debit card processing but what else is


An important aspect to consider when looking at companies to provide

your business with an account is who are the considered the top

companies in their field.  Each of the top companies which includes

some of the well known credit card corporations (VISA, MasterCard,

etc.) offer various advantages but can have some disadvantages

depending on what your company needs.

The most important thing is determining exactly what your company needs

are.  Some better ways to try and understand what your needs might be

is to look at what is offered by the different merchant accounts.  Some

of the criteria a business would want to look at would be:

• Customer Service (should be live 24 hours a day)

• Low Start-up Price

• Low Monthly Fee

• Easy Application Process

• Gateway Fee

• Statement Fee

• Monthly Minimum Fee

• Discount Rate

• Transaction Fee

• Address Verification Fee

• Virtual Terminal

• Payment Gateway

• Point of Sale Credit Card Machine

• Number of Days to Clear the Account

• Is eCheck accepted

• Fraud Protection

• Credit Cards Accepted (Visa, Master Card, etc.)

For your company to get a better grasp on how the rates and fees are

determined it is important to get the merchant account company to

explain to you exactly how they work.  Many things affect these fees

such as how the credit card is processed and the type of credit card

that is used for the purchase.

Many businesses fail to see the importance of each of the issues when

applying for merchant accounts.  Each of the above listed issues is

very important to discuss with your account provider.  Be sure to get

the answers to all of your questions before simply settling for what is

offered.  Accepting credit cards can be very profitable if the right

account is utilized with the appropriate options.

For your company to become one of many merchant account holders, it is

required that you fill out all of the appropriate forms and usually

become accredited by a bank that backs the credit cards that will be

used.  There are many advantages to using these services but the most

common is the ease of use.

One of the great things about a merchant account is the fact that once

it is up and running your business will not have to do much as the

maintenance required is slim to none.  You receive timely statements

monthly and can review those to make sure that your account is going


Businesses who utilize merchant accounts and PDQ Machines will certainly outdo their

competition.  Consumers fear using a company that does not provide

adequate purchasing capabilities.  Do not let your company be one of

those that continue to lose business by limiting the options your

customers have.