MIA makes more of an event out of Concorde

26th February 2008

Manchester International Airport is improving the facilities of its display of the iconic passenger airliner Concorde, creating a better experience for visitors.

The upgrade includes a new bespoke hangar, built by De Boer Structures, along with an improved viewing area incorporating a new visitor centre and restaurant.

The hangar will measure 33m x 66m, reaching 14m at its apex, and feature a stunning glass gable end, allowing Concorde to be visible from outside. The restaurant will be accommodated within the hangar and will be attached to the visitor centre, measuring 12m x 36m, with a feature glass window facing the runway.

“We are thrilled to be invited to play a key role in conserving this unique piece of aviation history,” said De Boer business development manager Mical de Boer. “It is a stunning aircraft and we have worked hard with Manchester Airport staff to come up with an attractive design that will protect the aircraft, at the same time as providing visitors with excellent viewing opportunities.

“Personally, it is one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on. Concorde is a very special aircraft and there is an immense amount of satisfaction in knowing that our structure will be responsible for preserving it for the nation for many decades to come.”

Work is due to start at the beginning of March and the new visitor facilities are expected to be open to the public in late summer.